Monday, April 25, 2016

Degustabox | April 2016 ♥

It's always a happy occasion in our house when the Degustabox arrives, especially for the boys, the love seeing what sweet and savoury treats are included each month and can't wait to try out some new foods, drinks and flavours. In case you're not already aware, Degustabox is a monthly subscription box which delivers a selection of delicious foods and drinks to your door. We've discovered lots of new brands and products we love through Degustabox and it's great to be able to experience some things which we'd have otherwise overlooked in the supermarket.

This months box had a mixture of sweet and savoury items for us all to enjoy. Let me share what was in the box -

Popchips | Sea Salt, Garlic & Rosemary (£1.99) - I love trying out new crisps so it was great to see these included in April's box. The boys loved the Popchips and the flavour of these and although they were pleasant, they wouldn't be my favourite crisp flavour. The taste reminded me of mashed potato with lots of seasoning.

Veetee (£1.49) - Rice is something we have a lot with dinner and right now I'm having to have plain rice due to my silent reflux, so I was happy to see these Veetee microwavable rice boxes included in April's box. These are ready within two minutes and I've already tried the wholegrain and quinoa rice, which was quite sweet on it's own but it would be great with a sauce.

Milkybar | Smarties (£1.00/£1.29) - It's always great to see chocolate included in the Degustabox and having already tried the Smarties Sharing Block, I was delighted to see it in the box, it's delicious! We've yet to try the Milkybar Milk & Crunchy but I know we'll love that too, especially Tyler Lee.

Parle | Biscuits & Rusk (£0.25p/£0.89p) - Parle G is the largest selling biscuit brand in the world and although I had never heard of the brand before seeing them in the Degustabox, I can definitely see why they're so popular after tasting them for myself. The biscuits are absolutely delicious - the toddler and I battled over these. We've yet to try the Parle Rusk but if they're as nice as the biscuits then we're onto a winner.

Bebeto (£1.99) - These are fruit strings and I always love seeing things like this in the Degustabox as it's great to find new snack ideas for Tyler Lee. These are really delicious and perfect for little ones.

Canderel (£3.00) - Included in the box was the new Canderel Sugarly, this tastes and looks like sugar but has zero calories. It was great to discover this as I always load lots of sugar onto my breakfast cereal and it's nice to find a healthier alternative for my bad habit.

Levi Roots | Jerk Coat 'n' Cook Sauce (£1.00) - Levi Roots is a brand we're familiar with since Dragon's Den but this isn't a sauce we've tried from the range before. I'm looking forward to trying this with chicken for dinner. I know it'll definitely be a winner with Jacek.

Rejuvenation Water | Apple & Mint (£1.99) - This is Derbyshire spring water enriched with amino acids and I have to admit, I am a fan of waters like this. I drink a lot of water and it's always great to have a refreshing twist on plain water.

Green Lady | Sparkling Tea (£1.99) - Degustabox allows us to try out new drinks and a new and unique one for us this month was Green Lady, which is a modern restyling of an ancient beverage using Green Darjeeling tea leave and an assembly of natural ingredients. Jacek described this as tasting "very healthy" and I have to admit that it definitely wasn't to my taste.

Pimms | Cider Cup (£2.29) - I've never tried Pimms before, but it seems to be the perfect drinks brand for summer. I'm looking forward to trying this after I have the baby.

So that was April 2016's Degustabox and as you can see there was a great mix of products within the box. If you would like to try Degustabox for yourself use code BLDEG15 to get a huge £6 off your box. You can follow Degustabox on Twitter @degustaboxUK for news and updates on the fabulous products included in each months box.


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