Saturday, April 23, 2016

What Do The Shape Of Your Lips Say About You? ♥

You may have carefully considered your lip shade, whether you opt for matte or gloss finish, or even how ‘natural’ your favourite lip tint is, but what about the shape of your lips? In the era of massive over-lining, thanks to Kylie Jenner, whose iconic lip look I recreated here, what do the shape of your lips say about your personality? Let’s find out:

Full Lips -
Since she hit the silver screen in the late 90s, many a woman has visited their cosmetic practitioner wanting plump, full lips like Angelia Jolie. Other celebs like Scarlett Johansson, Rosie Huntington-Whitley and Adriana Lima are also waving the flag for big lips too. 

These voluptuous lips project the idea that the owner is courageous and self-assured. She is sexy and irresistible, however she is caring and desires to settle down and have a family. Naturally big lipped people are giving, selfless and appreciate true relationships, whether romantic or other.

Wide Lips -
Celebs like Julia Robers, Elle Macpherson and Cameron Diaz are known for their gloriously large grins, a smile style that connotes the idea of being social, lively and having diverse interests. Wide smiles are often found on perfectionists, who put 100% into everything they do, therefore, they are often over-achievers.

On the other hand, artificially filled lips which are this shape mean something else. A person with filled large and wide lips is seen as being dramatic and exciting; a person who loves the spot light.

Round Lips -
Cute, small and dainty, round lips are seen as a youthful shape. Think Clémence Poésy and Lily Cole. Women with small lips often have young tendencies, such as the desire to travel, a rebellious nature or they’re a bit of a flirt.

People with small, round lips may be a little guarded at first, but will open up greatly when they get to know a person.

Thin Lips -
Thin lipped ladies are sensitive and detail orientated. They are sweet, well-natured and are likely to have a genuine interest in getting to know a person and those who are important to them. Thin lipped ladies are often seen as quiet or shy, but talkative among close friends or family in a small group. These people are independent and a bit of a loner, but they like it that way.

Lips with a Peaked Cupid's Bow -
Whether full or thinner, well-defined lips with a strong Cupid’s bow give off the idea that the person is open-minded and a good communicator. This type of person is creative and reactive, often not having a filter or thinking before they speak.

So why not look in the mirror and see what the shape of your lips says about you?

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  1. Thats interesting
    Its quite accurate about thin lips describes me very well


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