Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday #6 - My Herbalife Journey ♥

Another week of my Herbalife journey has zoomed by. I am still sticking to the shakes but have been eating more carbohydrates these days as I need the energy. In the weeks before I was having four days a week with no carbohydrates at all and was so tired from it, that's no good to me running around after a very active toddler. Also, I find it so hard to find high protein options when I'm out and about, it seems we're big fans of bread, chips and potatoes here in Ireland! On Friday I weighed in with my Herbalife coach for the first time in ages and I was delighted to check my body measurements again, I was so pleased with the results. In two weeks I lost 32cm/12.5 inches off my body! The biggest lost was on my upper chest by my collar bone, something which I've been feeling for awhile now. My body measurement loss in two weeks was -

Upper chest - 10cm
Bust - 4cm
Waist - 3cm
Hips - 4cm
Left leg - 4cm
Right leg - stayed the same (they're now even!)
Left arm - 3cm
Right arm - 4cm (they're even now too!)

This week I've only lost 1lb again but my body stats show that I'm losing inches so it's not bothering me much. Plus, my body stats show that body fat is falling and muscle is building so I think my body is going through a lot of changes at the moment so weight may be fluctuating this week due to all that.

My stats for week 6 -
  Total weight loss - 22lbs
Body fat loss - 50.9 went down to 49.1
Water - 36.1 went up to 37.4
Muscle - 114.5 went up to 116.4
Body age - Stayed at 39
Visceral fat - Stayed at 11 BMI - Stayed at 36

I'm delighted with how things are going and will be continuing with Herbalife. I'll be honest I am finding it quite expensive for my budget every week but I really need to do something about my weight for both my health and for my own self esteem.



  1. Woo congrats again, the inch loss is brilliant too, wish I'd taken my measurements at the start of my weight loss journey x

  2. faye huntington11 June 2014 at 20:51

    22lbs is incredible - a huge well done to you and all the best for the future! :) faye x

  3. Congrats Dolly =). Very well. I'm happy for you.

  4. You are doing very well with the progress. Keep up with the good work :)


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