Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Recent Haul - H&M, Penneys, LUSH & Yankee Candle ♥

Hello dollies! It's been absolutely ages since I've had a haul of things for myself, I seem to always be buying my son lots of gorgeous goodies but haven't gotten anything new for myself for a very long time so this haul is quite I treat and very rare! I was delighted to finally pick myself up some new clothes, something which I haven't done for such a long time and since losing some weight I think I deserved some new pieces to add to my wardrobe. I also went to LUSH to buy some new pampering treats for myself after my LUSH jar ran dry - yes I have a LUSH jar, better than a sweet jar because not only do they make the bathroom smell divine they also look lovely too! Let me show you what I got...

 This beautiful floral dress was €14.95 from H&M which is fast becoming my favourite fashion store. The prices are a bargain and the pieces are gorgeous, they've a great range of styles. I think the white background with bright floral print is perfect for summer.

This blush pink beach dress was just €9.95 and is also from H&M. I love the style of this dress, it's loose, floaty and the crossed straps at the back are gorgeous. I also love the colour, I can't resist anything pink.

 I picked up this t-shirt from Penneys for just €3. I have some new trousers (also from H&M) and I wanted some casual tops to go with them so I had to get this, I like the quote and the colours on the print plus for €3 you can't really go wrong can you?

 This floral print dress is also from H&M and was €19.95. I love the print and the lace up detail on the back. I've tried this on and love how it looks so I think it'll be featured in an outfit of the day post soon.

 This t-shirt was also €3 from Penneys. I find Penneys top sizes to be way off the mark so always buy an couple of sizes bigger to get that loose fitting look which I love. They had so many t-shirt prints to choose from but I loved this one with beach theme and the font, the same one I use for my blog labels.

 I ventured into LUSH for a lavender bath bomb and came out with this bundle of goodies. My lovely fiance actually treated me so I'm a very lucky lady. The Ickle Robot is for Tyler Lee and was €2.75, A French Kiss, with the lavender was €5.70 and I think it's really pretty, Dream Time bath melt is also another product for Tyler Lee and was €4.45, Granny Takes A Dip is a product I've wanted ever since I read the name and it was €3.95, I've also wanted Dorothy for a long time and now I finally have it, it was €3.75. I also got The Sacred Truth fresh face mask and have used this already,  it's gorgeous, I love it! The lovely lady who served me in LUSH also gave me samples of It's Raining Men shower gel and Gorgeous Moisturiser.

 I love anything postal and Parisian themed so I could resist this beautiful cushion from Penneys which was €6. They have so many gorgeous new soft furnishings and I also have my eye on a new duvet covet which matches this cushion. This cushion now sits on my bed and I love it!

I needed an oil burner for Tyler Lee's room so picked up this lovely white one in a discount store for just €3.50. I also ventured into a local candle shop and picked up two new Yankee Candle wax tart melts - Lemon Lavender to help my boy sleep and Summer Scoop for me to burn in the evenings for the scent of summer, I can't wait to get this one burning.

So there you have it, my little haul. Big thanks to my wonderful fiance for treating me, seriously, where did I do to get such an amazing partner? Have you had any hauls recently?



  1. What a haul! I love the prints on the two dresses and am slightly jealous at your Lush goodies!

  2. Nice haul. xxx
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  3. ooh I love Lush. It's been too long since I had a shopping spree in there

  4. Oh I need to get my backside to H&M those dresses are gorgeous!! Love the pink one so summery but love the floral prints too so in right now, hope it stays in really cheerful :) great haul!

  5. I love the dress, the first =). So cute!

  6. all dresses from h&m are so pretty

  7. Ooh everything is lovely! Great Yankee scents too!

  8. The floral dress is really pretty but what I really want to know is where you got your bedding? It's gorgeous!

  9. I love those loose fitting shirts you've got there! They are perfect for summer! Your lush bath bombs are super adorable as well.

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  10. The white floral dress from H&M is gorgeous and perfect for Summer. Loving your Lush haul too, their stuff is amazing. I bet Tyler Lee loved the Robot as I've smelt that one before and its got a lovely scent. What a lovely Fiance you have :) xx

  11. Love the 1st dress ~ very summery let's hope we get the weather for it now :)


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