Thursday, April 03, 2014

Tyler Lee's New Shoes From Clarks ♥

It's begun, the baby shoe obsession has started! I knew it would happen once I got Tyler Lee his first pair of shoes. I think having a second pair of pre-walkers for him is good as he's still not walking yet and has already scuffed his first shoes quite a lot - a trait which he's inherited from me I think! I got these pre-walkers from Clarks via Amazon, I was never aware that Amazon stocked Clarks children's shoes but it's good to know as there's only one Clarks store in my area and they only had four styles of pre-walkers available, however, the Clarks range on Amazon had lots of fabulous pre-walker designs including these cool little pirate/nautical themed pre-walkers which are described as being 'navy combi leather fitting, g-style, cruiser ship shoes'. These shoes are made from blue, grey and navy suede, real leather and have very soft rubber soles which are perfect for little growing feet and the very active cruising stage of walking, aren't they lovely?

The quality of Clarks pre-walkers are amazing, they are so sturdy and I've found that Tyler Lee is walking a lot more and is a lot more capable on his feet since he began wearing them. I love the design detail on these shoes -  pirate ships, skull and crossbones and a nautical compass, these are perfect for my boy who loves all things to do with boats and pirates. The double velcro straps on these shoes make them super easy to put on and keep secure because if you've a curious little toddler like I do you'll know how much they love to pull their shoes off, luckily the velcro straps stop that happening and they can also be adjusted depending on the broadness of your child's foot making for a more comfortable fit for them.

I really do love these shoes and am delighted that Tyler Lee has two fantastic quality pairs of Clarks shoes to choose from depending on his outfit and daily activites. His other Clarks pre-walkers are quite smart so great for days out whereas these pre-walkers are a bit more casual and great for daily use and aiding him in his journey to walk. Not only do Clarks offer great, helpful service when it comes to fitting children's shoes but they also sell top quality shoes in a range of stylish designs which is why we chose the brand for Tyler Lee's first pairs of proper shoes.

You can find these particular shoes on the Clarks store on Amazon for £26.00 and you can browse more of Clarks fantastic children's shoes range on the Clarks website.



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