Wednesday, April 02, 2014

MAC - Fantasy Of Flowers Collection Lipsticks - 'Rose Lily', 'Snapdragon' & 'Heavenly Hybrid' ♥

When I first read about MAC's spring collection Fantasy of Flowers (I love the name!) I knew that I would have to have three of the lipsticks, not only did their names appeal to me, I have a strange fascination with names but so did the colour palette, variations of pink and purple hues. I have wanted another purple toned lipstick for quite awhile now having fallen in love with MAC's 'Up the Amp', I think purple tones suit me quite well. 

The first of my Fantasy of Flowers lipsticks is 'Rose Lily'. Now I love a pink lipstick and the light, bright, cool tones of this shade really caught my eye. I thought that this colour would be a perfect shade for spring and summer wear and I wasn't wrong, it is a lovely, quite unique colour and one of the lightest in my lipstick collection. The pigmentation is quite good and the texture of this lipstick is really creamy. However, it does take two or three coats to make it opaque.

Secondly is 'Snapdragon', a mid-toned blue pink which is probably my favourite shade out of the three lipsticks. I have worn this shade quite a lot and think it's great for everyday wear as it's not too in your face, is a very wearable shade and is quite light. This shade is slightly less pigmented than the others and again takes a couple of coats to make it opaque but I love the colour.

Lastly is 'Heavenly Hybrid'. I really loved the swatches I saw of this lipstick and felt like it had a vampy kind of vibe to it. The colour is truly stunning, a dark toned berry shade with hints of purple. I think this shade would make be perfect for evening wear as it has that darkness to it. This lipstick also holds the honour of being the first ever lipstick I have ordered online, the swatches really sold me on this and my local MAC store had sold out so I'm guessing that this was the most popular lipstick shade in the Fantasy of Flowers collection, though I may be wrong, as I've stated 'Snapdragon' is my favourite.

These lipsticks are all perfectly lovely, they have that signature vanilla scent which all MAC lipsticks have, the shades are stunning and quite unique but there is one big let down for me - the formula, Lustre is not my friend. The staying power of this formula is absolute crap. I apply these lipsticks, don't eat or drink and the lipstick just seems to disappear off my lips! I have to constantly reapply and as you can see from the above pictures the lipstick which I have been wearing mostly from these three, 'Snapdragon', is already considerably worn down compared to the other two after only a week and a half of use! I just can't abid having to reapply my lipstick constantly throughout the day and frankly I don't have the time. Cremesheen is by far my favourite formula when it comes to MAC lipsticks and I shall be sticking to that in future, it's a shame really because I think the gorgeous shimmer Cremesheen has would have only enhanced these shades further, instead Lustre does nothing for me.

Stay pretty people!



  1. I love MAC lipsticks! ♥
    I think this colors are perfect for this period *-*
    In my opinion, the most beautiful is 'Heavenly Hybrid' ♥♥

  2. The shades are really pretty! I like in special Heavenly Hybrid :) It's just a shame that the formula is not so good :(

  3. these lipstick are so lovely , i love all 3 shades

  4. I love heavenly hybrid, its so vibrant and beautiful!

  5. i really like "heavenly hybrid" but perhaps i'll look for something similar in the cremesheen formula. i'm a mac newbie, so i'm learning by reading reviews :)

  6. they're all really pretty esp Rose Lily!

  7. They look great on you! I like Heavenly Hybrid the most of all!

  8. Snap dragon and Heavenly hybrid are my favorites.
    Snap dragon looks gorgeous on you!! c:


  9. I have never tried MAC lipsticks but I hear the best from many girls and bloggers around the world! I especially like the third one you are wearing!

  10. Love the snapdragon!
    I cant wait for Mac to open their first store in my country on April 15th :DD

  11. when i saw on the swatches i love the color of snapdragon ~ but after saw applied on the lips .. i love the Heavenly Hybrid more (the 3rd picture) the 1st picture looks too pale .. i think snapdragon and heavenly hybrid suit you more ~

  12. I bought Rose Lily and its perfect !


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