Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baby Boy 1st Birthday Gifts ♥

It's less than a month to go until my baby boy turns one and this week his daddy and I had great fun picking out his birthday gifts and going shopping for them all. I must admit that before we entered the toy store we had a very vague list of what we wanted to get him and it's safe to say once we went into the shop that list went out the window! We had trouble deciding what to get because Christmas has just past and Tyler Lee already received so much off Santa and family members so we decided to go for things which would be quite useful for the garden and things with a long lifespan which can give some longevity to these toys and not just be things he can use for a short time and then grow out of. I think everything we got for him is suitable until the ages of three to five years. I wanted to do this post to give other parents who may be stuck on what to get their little one for their first birthday so ideas, I went searching for a blog post of this type and even appealed on Twitter but all I found were Christmas gift guides so hopefully this post might help someone out one day. Plus it'll serve as a memory post for me, looking back to see what my little prince got for his first ever birthday of his mammy and daddy.

Tiny Touch Phone by Vtech.
 Tyler Lee is always wanting my phone to chew on so we got his this little phone of his own in the hopes that he'll enjoy chewing on this more! This phone teaches shapes and colours, numbers, role playing games, plays melodies and sings songs. I hope it'll keep him entertained. It's similar to a remote control he already has which he brings in the car so hopefully he'll love this phone too.

 Bathtime Bubbles Whale by Vtech.
 Tyler Lee loves his bathtime so we wanted to get him something which would just add to his fun. This whale has suction cups to stick to the bath or the bathroom tiles and blows bubbles, sings songs and plays melodies. This will be great for adding to the fun of bathtime.

 My Laptop by Vtech. 
Tyler Lee is always trying to play with my laptop so I decided he should have his own. The age on this laptop is actually two to four years but I only really got it for him to play with the keys and mouse, he can learn from it when he's older. This laptop teaches letters, numbers, logic exercises as well as many games to play.

 Plastic Rocking Horse by Little Tikes.
 This will be perfect for the garden this spring and summer and my little one loves being rocked back and forth so I'm sure he'll be a big fan of this rocking horse.

Toot-Toot Drivers Train Station by Vtech.
This toy comes with fourteen metres of track along with a train and all the pieces to create a little train station. I thought this would be great as Tyler Lee loves to push things along the ground so I thought this would be a great alternative to metal dinky cars. This is also a toy which you can buy extra sets and cars for so it's great to have a toy he can add onto.

 6 In 1 Musical Band.
Tyler Lee loves to bang on things so I thought hey, lets get him a drum! I may regret this in the future! This drum is great fun, it repeats back to you the tune that you banged on it. It also comes with a piano part, maracas, a tambourine, a horn and a guitar. This is great for little budding musicians.

 Activity Pirate Ship.
This is such a fun little toy, it's similar to the farmyard he got for Christmas and we thought he might like the pirate characters too. It makes lots of sounds, has lights and opens up to show treasure chests and where the pirates live. I hope he'll like this one.

I want my baby boy to enjoy books and build a great little library for him. We got him some Gruffalo clothing in the Christmas sales so we got him three of The Gruffalo books, the original Guess How Much I Love You book and a Zog book.

Clothes are a gift I know that Tyler Lee will use for sure. These are from Next and I absolutely love them. He'll wear his little dungarees in the summer and his baby blue cable knit cardigan and denim fire engine dungarees in the spring.

 Multi Stage Swing by Chad Valley.
One of my baby's favourite things is to go on a swing so we decided to get him one of his own. This grows with him and turns into a proper swing when he's older.

 Taggies Monkey Comforter.
My baby loves to play with the tags on all his teddies and comforters so we decided to get him one covered in tags. He'll love this.

 Goodnight Stars Night Light Projector by Chicco.
My baby boy is now preferring to sleep with the small light on so we decided to get him a night light. This one is fantastic, it plays melodies, acts as a night light which changes colours and also projects stars onto the ceiling. It also came with a removable little cuddly toy too.
 Writing this post has made we realise that perhaps we may have went a bit overboard with the gifts, it looks a bit like Christmas all over again but we've a rule now in our house, Tyler Lee will only received gifts for Christmas and his birthday every year. What do you think of these gifts? Have you any experience with the toys from your own little ones?



  1. Thats a great haul hun.. we have the phone and the bath bubble blower.. we got both for E two years agot but C absolutely loves them.. great purchases...

    1. Thanks Christina, I hope he'll like them. Was so hard to choose what to get! xo

  2. This is great timing. My son's 1st birthday is in April and I wasn't sure what to get him for his birthday.

  3. Aww what wonderful presents! He's a lucky boy!!
    Hope he has a fab birthday x

  4. What a lovely post!! Love that The Gruffalo storied are amoungst his gifts, a staple on any book shelf i think, Freddie loves them :) I hope Tyler Lee has a wonderful 1st birthday Fiona xx

  5. What a spoiled boy! We just bought that night light today as our old one had broken, it's really bright so should work wonderfully :) My only gripe with it is the light only stays on for 10 mins :( But other than that it's GREAT! xx

  6. What a load of lovely gifts. My little boy has many of these toys, they provided him with lots of happiness and fun! I especially love the Little Tikes Rocking Horse

  7. Lots of lovely gifts! Thanks for linking up again this week :) x


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