Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vintage Gesslein Pram ♥

Vintage style prams seems to be becoming very popular these days, especially amongst celebrities and I have to say I am also a fan of vintage style prams. This Gesslein 1980's pram was my pram as a baby. My mother and grandparents took me on many a stroll in this pram and I'm happy to be able to take my baby boy for walks in this pram now also. 

The pram is absolutely beautiful with a navy blue corduroy exterior and white navy blue floral pattern interior, it is something very special. The pram is very roomy, perfect for tall babies like my Tyler Lee. The big bouncy wheels fitted with leather straps are so charming and are great for rocking the baby to sleep as we walk. The basket underneath is large and has room for anything you may need to bring on your travels, unlike some modern day prams I have seen where you can barely fit one bag of shopping underneath! The chrome frame is shiny and looks so luxurious. As this is a vintage pram I like to keep the blankets and canopy in an old fashioned style also. The canopy is from Mothercare and matches the broderie anglaise pram quilts I have, I have two, one white and one baby blue, they are so sweet and are also decorated with ribbon. 

This pram is such a showstopper when I go walking around the countryside and old people slow down in their cars and smile at me, I guess this style of pram brings back memories of their own children or grandchildren. 

Tyler Lee had many lovely days lying in this pram in the garden during the summer, the canopy shaded him from the sun and he had lots of room to wiggle around while enjoying some fresh air. 

I'm so glad that my mother held onto this pram along with many other items from my childhood, it's great to be able to use these things with my own child and make new memories with these old items.

Are you a fan of vintage prams or do you prefer the modern versions?



  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I love proper big old fashioned prams like this!!
    I opted for one in this style - new but old fashioned style, and I love the attention it gets from people! Whenever I use the modern pushchair nobody looks at us twice, and I miss the cooing over it lol.

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  2. Aww how cute! I bet the older generation love seeing it! x

  3. Beautiful pram, it's fantastic that you are able to use it for your child, it's lovely to have an item like that to keep for the next generation x

  4. Love these prams! I had a navy blue Silver Cross pram when I was a baby in the 80s, as did my brother and cousins in the 90s. Its a shame yoi dont see as many these days but theyre so expensive and take up so much space! I'd love one if I ever had children though :) xx

  5. I still have my daughters pram which. Like yours is navy cord with the same blue flowered interier the only difference is mine had windows to the sides and the rear under the hood which was brilliant for people to look at her without having their hands in the pram especially as she was a winter baby . I loved my pram and still do. My daughter was born in 1982 x


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