Monday, September 23, 2013

My Haircare Routine ♥

My hair has been through a lot in the past few months, lots of heat damage from the hair dryer and straighteners, pregnancy has made my hair even more fine than it already was and it has been coloured from bleach blonde to a dark blonde colour, all of this had made it weak, limp, lifeless and very dry - not a good look! I've been through countless shampoos and conditioners, hair oils, hair masks and leave-in conditioners but am happy to say that I have finally found the right products for my hair.

Firstly I want to say that I lay off the heat whenever I can. I barely blow dry my hair these days, I prefer to let it dry naturally and love the natural wave my hair has. When I leave it dry naturally I don't feel the need to straighten it, I simply add some mousse and off I go. People always said to me that I should cut my hair to make it grow but thanks to my hairdresser phobia I haven't cut my hair since I was three months pregnant and it's growing like wildfire now. I don't take any beauty supplements to promote hair growth either. Below are the best products I have found for my hair. My hair gets greasy very quickly which is quite annoying and is very limp but this products have given it some vitality and I am now loving my locks!

Shampoo - Tresemme Salon Silk Shampoo. I was my hair every two days and I use a large dollop of Tresemme shampoo. I've found that this shampoo gives my hair a deep clean and has really strengthened my hair since I began using it.

Conditioner - Tresemme Clean and Replenish Conditioner. This conditioner is great! The minute I apply it to my hair I can feel it working, smoothing the hair and getting rid of all knots and kinks. It gives a lot of moisture to my hair and keeps it frizz free.

Leave-in conditioner - Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner. Every time I wash my hair I apply Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner to my damp hair very liberally. In fact I'm almost finished my current bottle after just a week and a half! I find that this product makes my hair grow very fast and this is something that I love as I have always wanted long Rapunzel-like hair.

Dry Shampoo - John Frieda Luxurious Volume Dry Shampoo. I was my hair every second day and on the in-between day I use this product. This product gives a great texture to the hair and makes it look as if it's been styled. It also gives the hair great hold so there's no need for hairspray. You can read my John Frieda Luxurious Volume Dry Shampoo review here.

Intensive Treatment - Inecto Pure Coconut Hydrating Hair Repair Treatment. I use this twice weekly when I wash my hair and leave it on my five minutes. After drying my hair it looks shiny, smooth and smells great too. You can read my Inecto Pure Coconut Hydrating Hair Repair Treatment review here.

Hair Oil - Hask Argan Oil Healing Shine Treatment. I usually add this hair oil to the ends of my hair when its dry and it is fantastic for infusing a smoothing effect and shine to my unruly ends. To me it smells like chocolate orange and is such a great product for taming my hair, especially in very humid weather. You can read my Hask Argan Oil review here - Hask Argan Oil review.

My hair is now growing very quickly, is strong and has great shine thanks to this products. I am never afraid to be liberal with products, I go through a bottle of shampoo and conditioner every two weeks. I'm so glad I've found the right combination for my hair and none of these products break the bank either!

I'm currently trialing some new products and I'll let you know how well they work for my hair in some later posts. Are you a fan of any of these products which have worked wonders for my hair?

Stay pretty people!



  1. It's so good when you find products that work well for you! The Hask Argan Oil sounds lovely :)

    Jess xo

    1. Is really is Jess as my hair needed some health put back into it. The Hask Argan Oil is great :) xo

  2. I've recently started using the Tresemme Salon Silk Shampoo and I find that it has strengthen my hair a big. I've been wanting to try the Hask Argan Oil as I've been hearing great things about it.


    P.S Tyler is just the cutest!


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