Wednesday, September 25, 2013

MAC - 'Dame' ♥

'Dame' is one of the first MAC blushes I ever tried. It's one of my all-time favourites along with their 'Pink Swoon'. 'Dame' is quite a demure colour, a soft baby pink with cool tones and a satin finish which is quite light when applied to the cheeks and very easy to wear. This is the perfect blush colour for everyday use, it looks great with all makeup colours and I love to match with this with a nude eye eye shadow and pink lip colour, it's such a versatile and natural colour. Even though this is a light shade the pigmentation is still great, something which I really love about MAC's products. I think 'Dame' is such a pretty colour and as you can see from my pot which is pictured below I use it an awful lot which is evidence to how much I love it. I know the half empty pot doesn't make for a pretty picture but I wanted to show you all the shade of the blush in it's pot compared to the colour swatched on my hand. I know, I know, I say I love every MAC product I show on the blog but it's true. Their products are fantastic quality, apply beautifully on the skin, the colour range is amazing and their products last a long time, even when they are used everyday. There is no hit and miss with the MAC brand everything I have used by them has been great I will continue to be a MAC addict as long as their products remain as fantastic as they currently are.

Do you like the look of 'Dame'?



  1. Looks stunning, I can tell just by looking that you wouldn't need to use much to create a nice look x

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  3. And another gorgeous shade. On to my wishlist you go, "dame" haha x

  4. I love this shade! Have never actually picked it up in MAC. Must have a look next time I'm at the counter!

  5. while im a little too familiar with MAC lipsticks, foundations, mascaras, lashes (the list could go on! haha) for some obscene reason i dont think ive ever picked up a blush, but this post is definitely making me want to!! great recommendation :)
    i've nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award, take a look :)


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