Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff ♥

 Last week I was very kindly sent a sample from the lovely ladies at Cocoa Brown of their new Tough Stuff scrub to try out. Tough Stuff is a deep exfoliating scrub that works into the skin to make it smooth and prepped for tanning. This is the newest product in the highly successful Cocoa Brown range joining the brands hot selling 1 Hour Tan and Night/Day Tan, the latter which I am yet to try! A fabulous aspect to Tough Stuff is that it can also be used to remove those stubborn residues that fake tan sometimes leaves on the skin, I think this is great as I always seem to get this problem on my knees and ankles. I loved the look of this scrub, it comes in a lovely hot pink coloured sachet, the deliciously girly colour of all Cocoa Brown products and the scrub itself is also pink and sprinkled with beads that work into the skin leaving it soft and smooth. The scrub has a lovely sweet smell, the same wonderful floral scent that Cocoa Brown's tanning products have.

Tough Stuff can be used in two ways, on dry skin to get a deeper exfoliation or on wet skin which feels less rough on the skin and is easy to use in the shower on its own or with exfoliating gloves. I used Tough Stuff for the first time last night in the shower, you simply apply the product to rough areas of the skin such as knees, elbows, hands and feet, massage the product into your skin going back and forth, when you're finished exfoliating your skin you simply rinse off, it's as easy as that! Immediately after using Tough Stuff my skin was silky smooth, even on my upper arms where I have keratosis pilaris, a condition which causes little raised bumps on my skin, as you will see on the picture below. I am delighted to have found Tough Stuff as it really helped my skin condition and is such an easy product to use, no mess, no fuss just amazing results! I shall definitely be buying a supply of this and using it every week. The scrub can be used up to three to four times weekly so you can always be guaranteed of beautifully smooth and soft skin.

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff is €2.99 for a 50ml sachet and can be found at Penney stores nationwide, all good chemists and from selected online retails such as feelunique. I think €2.99 is such a fantastic price for such a great product which gives an amazing result to the skin. 

You can find Cocoa Brown here at the Cocoa Brown website, Facebook and Twitter.

Stay pretty people!



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