Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Additions To My Wardrobe ♥

Last week I went and picked up some new clothes for the approaching autumn and winter, my favourite seasons for fashion as I'm a lover of cardigans, boots and tights, I think they make for such a cosy look. I finally picked up some items which I had my eye on for sometime but had never actually gotten around to getting them but luckily for me I picked them up in the sale. All items were bought from Penneys/Primark in Cork City. 

  1. A white sleeveless printed t-shirt for €6. I love the print on this, those floral crown headbands seem to be everywhere at the moment don't they? I thought this would look lovely with a pair of stonewashed and studded denim jeans that I also picked up but aren't photographed as I was wearing them!
  2. A grey vest top for €5. Grey is my favourite colour alongside pink so I like to wear it often. This vest top is quite long and will look great with the denim look leggings I also picked up.
  3. A long three quarter length sleeved top for €8. I love this top, it's so comfy to wear and looks great with jeans, leggings and tights. I think it looks quite grungy when on and looks great when worn with a long statement necklace. This is my second of this particular top.
  4. A navy skirt with side pockets for €9. I love wearing navy too and this will look lovely with my navy cardigan. I also love dresses and skirts that come with pockets.
  5. A dark grey distressed look skater skirt for €9. I love the shape of skater skirts and thought this would look lovely with tights and some nice boots in the winter.
  6. A long sleeved dress. I had my eye on this for awhile and picked it up for just €4, an absolute bargain!
  7. A long sleeved black cardigan for €12. This is a wardrobe staple for me and I sadly had to throw my other black cardigan from H&M away as the sleeve tore, it was a sad day as it was so comfy and I was always wanting to wear it!
  8. A stonewashed denim look skater skirt for €9. I love lighter shades of denim and this will look great with a nice top and some fabulous boots this autumn.
I also picked up some leggings, tights and jeans to add to these pieces and I love everything I bought. I cannot wait to wear them all. Have you picked up any new clothes for autumn or winter yet?

Stay pretty people!



  1. You got some really cute pieces! Glad we found ur blog! ;)

  2. Love the first top! So pretty :)

  3. There all so cute especially the baseball dress and so cheap too :)

  4. Love the first shirt! I think the print is really cool! Great hauls, dear! :)

    Style Reader

  5. I just love the printed tshirt. Now of course I must find one like it for me :) any excuse is a good excuse for shopping.

  6. The first top is fabulous! I love prints like this:)

  7. I am so in love with all of these clothes. <3

  8. The first top is so amazing! <3

  9. omg the first tank top is gorgeous!!!i want it soo baad!" i can image wearing it with rose headband and lether jacket ..owwww

  10. I love the stonewash skater skirt
    great blog, love that includes beauty, fashion and being a mum, shows you can do it all!!


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