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5 Types Of Travel Resources Worth Exploring This 2023

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Everyone has a dream vacation in mind. Whether it involves frolicking through the sandy beaches of the Maldives, getting lost in the lively streets of Tokyo, or enjoying the view of cherry blossoms in Seoul, everyone’s got a travel bucket list they hope to fulfil in this lifetime.

And perhaps you’re no different, but there’s one big thing holding you back: the prospect of actually having to plan for the trip. You may not know exactly where to start when it comes to booking affordable flights, convenient accommodation, and visits to tourist attractions that tickle your fancy.

But the solution to this common concern is simple: the wide range of travel resources you have at your disposal. Think of websites that provide hotel and flight comparisons, blogs that offer in-depth guides on particular destinations, newsletters that curate the best travel deals, or apps and other technologies that will help you navigate foreign lands with relative ease.

From booking accommodation and flights to finding insider knowledge on unique local experiences, you can do a lot with the travel resources current available to you—and they just might help you plan the trip of a lifetime. The best part? As of 2023, most of the tools you’ll encounter—like the ones listed below—are free to use. Browse them and you’ll be able to find comprehensive advice, cost-saving tips, and insights that even well-seasoned travellers would find valuable.

Here’s a guide to the travel resources that will make your travel planning more efficient, and your trip all the more rewarding for it:

1) SIM Cards and Data Plans

It’s never been as important to stay connected while abroad, and luckily, there are several options to consider for efficient, cost-effective communication and navigation. Local SIM cards and data plans will provide you with a straightforward way to keep in touch with important people and find your way around a foreign country. The best SIM only plan Singapore residents and travellers use, for example, can save you significant amounts on roaming charges while you’re in Southeast Asia’s Lion City.

Do a little research beforehand and you’ll find local providers who offer plans with generous data allowances and strong network coverage. Both will be essential for uploading those Instagram-worthy snapshots or pulling up Google Maps when you’re feeling lost.

2) Travel Websites

In the current digital era, travel websites are among the most common, convenient, and easily accessible travel resources there are. Some examples of websites you’ll likely find useful to itinerary planning are Kayak, Lonely Planet, and TripAdvisor, among others.

What sets these websites apart from traditional guidebooks, which inspired their development, are their real-time updates and interactive features. Many of them also offer mobile apps, which allow for on-the-go adjustments to your itinerary, quick access to maps, and even language translation services. Leverage the rich information on these platforms to create a personalised travel experience tailored to your interests and needs.

3) Country- or Topic-Specific Travel Blogs

Sometimes, the best travel insights come from those who have lived and breathed wanderlust for significant portions of their lives. Blogs like The Broke Backpacker for budget travellers or Japan Guide for those visiting Japan provide a unique insider perspective to a targeted audience.

Unlike general travel websites or guidebooks, these blogs often delve into lesser-known facets of a destination, from navigating the hidden alleyways in a historic district to uncovering local markets off the beaten path. What makes these platforms particularly invaluable are the actionable tips they can provide—like which local delicacies to try or what specific phrases to learn—that you can immediately incorporate into your travel plans.

There are also topic-specific travel blogs that frequently provide meticulous details, such as how to use local transportation systems in a particular region or the best hidden gems to visit around the world, away from big crowds. Thinking of planning a Euro trip this year, for example? You’ll find plenty of blogs that can offer tips and advice for newbie travellers to Europe that detail how to move across the continent while maximising one’s time and budget.

Find valuable information through these firsthand accounts, and you’ll find yourself better equipped to immerse in the culture and beauty of the country you’re visiting. This will likely lead to a travel journey that's more enriching and memorable for you.

4) Travel Newsletters

For savvy travellers who aim to get the most bang for their buck, newsletters like Scott's Cheap Flights, The Points Guy, or Travelzoo are invaluable resources that you should check out. Not only do they curate some of the best deals for flights, hotels, and holiday packages, but they also provide exclusive access to sales and limited-time offers that the general public often misses.

By delivering these deals straight to your inbox, these newsletters will enable you to act quickly and afford you a better chance of securing awesome discounts. Plus, many of these platforms offer additional features, like personalised flight alerts based on your departure city or travel preferences. This, of course, makes it easier than ever to snag that perfect deal tailored to your needs.

5) Travel Apps

In today's tech-driven world, travel apps have evolved into indispensable tools that go well beyond convenience. Take Google Maps, for instance; more than offering directions, it sports features like offline maps, walking routes, and even popular times to visit attractions. Citymapper, on the other hand, gives you a detailed breakdown of public transport options you can take, including real-time updates and disruptions—which can be a lifesaver for intricate transport networks like those of London or New York.

Then there's TripIt, your all-in-one travel assistant. In addition to consolidating your itineraries, boarding passes, and bookings, this app can send you real-time alerts for flight changes and can even help you find alternate flights.

If you don’t have a lot of travel apps on your smartphone or tablet, ask for recommendations—preferably from seasoned travellers who’ve used the apps themselves.

Turn Your Travel Dreams into Reality

The travel resources listed above should be of great help when it comes to safely navigating a foreign land and making the most of your journey. They may also empower you to move beyond the typical tourist experience and allow you to form a more nuanced understanding of your destination. With these at your disposal, you may also be able to avoid common travel pitfalls, like unexpected roaming charges or missed opportunities due to lack of local knowledge. Beyond their practical value, these resources can help you become more imaginative about your itinerary and plan a trip you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Before you set out on your next big adventure, take the time to explore these travel resources. They may be just what you need to come up with a solid, well-thought-out travel plan for the remaining months of 2023, and beyond!

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