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Best Ways to Monetise Your Beauty Blog



There are thousands of beauty bloggers out there but not all of them know how to monetise their sites. Why is this an issue when millions of people are looking for skincare routines and the best products to take care of their hair and skin? 
Well, it could be something as simple as an incomplete marketing plan or not knowing what the current beauty trends are. To help you succeed, I’ve provided valuable tips on how to become a blogger and get paid. 
How to Start a Beauty Blog
To create a successful site, you must know the fundamentals of starting a blog and how to maintain it. 
In this section, you’ll learn how to create a professional beauty blog that will attract a wider audience. 
Decide on a Name for Your Site
The first step is to choose a name for your blog. It must be a short and catchy name that’s easy for your audience to remember. The name should also be relevant to the blog you’re creating. Since your topic is on beauty, choose a name that’s relevant to the cosmetics industry such as: 
  • Beauty Couture
  • Glamour Me
  • Beautopia
  • Fancy Face
  • The Glam Life 
Before choosing a name for your blog ensure there are no other sites with the same name. You want your blog to be 100% unique. 
Choose a Platform
The second step is to pick a platform on which to build your blog. Some people select sites such as WordPress that allow you to create a professional beauty blog in a day. You don’t need to know how to code because blogging sites offer thousands of customisable themes. 
Choose a blogging site with the following features:
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Easy design features
  • Various typography options
  • Email subscriptions
  • Social media integration
  • SEO tools
  • Commenting options
  • Security features 
Decide On the Focus of Your Beauty Blog
The beauty industry is massive so you must decide which products you want to focus your discussions on. You can choose one or more of these topics to focus your blog around: 
  • Makeup
  • Hairstyling products
  • Nail art
  • Eyeshadow techniques
  • Different hairstyle techniques
  • Contouring tutorials
  • Which products work for different skin types 
Deciding on which topics to cover will also determine your target audience. Think whether you aim to provide information for teenagers, seniors, men, women, or both. 
Choose a Domain Name
You must now pick and buy your unique domain name. This is your website’s link so it must be concise and relevant to the type of beauty site you’re running. Your domain name ties into the name of your blog. 
For example, if you’ve chosen the name Beautopia, then your domain name will look like this We recommend using .com because it’s the most popular extension and it's easy to remember. 
Use a Professional Theme
Once you’ve created your site it’s time to choose a professional theme. Blogging sites offer hundreds of customisable themes that you can edit so that it’s consistent with your style and branding. Change colors, fonts, and formats to suit your style. 
Most beauty blogs feature soft, warm, or neutral colors such as rose gold, or blush pink. Fonts are also sophisticated and delicate. The design of your blog should represent beauty and glamour. So, choose your template wisely. 
Start Adding Content
Your blog won’t be successful without professionally written content. You must have various pages of your blog such as the Home Page, About Us, and Blog section. You can outsource a professional content writer or create the content yourself. 
There are many tools for you to develop professional blogs for every topic you’re writing about. Use any spell checker to produce clean blogs free from grammatical errors. You can also use SEO tools to help you increase your blog’s ranking and optimize for keywords. 
You should also consider adding visual content to make your blogs more interesting such as images and even videos. After filming videos you can use an MXF to MP4 converter to ensure the footage is in the most convenient format for your blog. 
Best Ways to Increase Your Audience
There are many ways to increase your blog traffic affordably. Here are tips that will help you increase traffic to your beauty blog so you can start monetising your site. 
Create Audience Profiles
To understand your audience, you should create profiles of the people you want to target. Consider the following when creating these profiles: 
  • Who are you targeting?
  • What problems are they dealing with that you can help solve?
  • How do they prefer finding answers to their concerns?
  • What content are they attracted to?
You’ll then get a clear indication of the demographic of your audience such as how old they are and what level of expertise they have in the beauty industry. 
Content Strategy with Keyword Searches
To be a successful blogger in the beauty industry you must have a content strategy that includes keywords. When you research which keywords people are searching for, you can then create content that is relevant to those words. 
For example, if you look up keywords related to makeup, you may find the following:
  • Best makeup brands
  • Makeup for sensitive skin
  • Eyeshadow makeup
  • Makeup for lips
Use these keywords to create blogs that your audience will want to read. This is the basics of SEO. You’ll have a target keyword that will appear in your heading, meta descriptions, image alt tags, and sections of your blog. 
The purpose of keywords is to tell search engines what your blog is about so it can appear on the correct pages when people search for specific words. You can also use these keywords to optimise YouTube videos
Write Catchy Headlines
If you want to attract your specific audience, then you must create catchy headlines that will entice people to learn more about your blog. Your headline should be relevant to the content of the blog, and it should inform the reader what the content is about. 
Keep your headlines short and consider mentioning the benefits your readers can gain if they read your content. You can also add numbers to your headline to indicate how many solutions are mentioned in the blog. With a catchy headline, you’ll attract a broader audience that will find value in the content you’ve created. 
Share Your Content on Social Media
The best and most affordable way to drive traffic to your website is through social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. LinkedIn alone can contribute to 46% of traffic to your website. But to achieve this you must have catchy headlines, interesting graphics, and top-notch captions whenever you post a link to your blog on social media. 
How to Make Money with a Blog
Now that you’ve created a professional blog with content, and you’ve got sufficient traffic you can start profiting from your site. Here’s how:
Affiliate marketing: The best way to make a profit on your beauty blog is through affiliate marketing. When you sell products from Amazon or Shareasale you can make a percentage from each sale you make.
Ads: If you’re a new blogger you can start monetizing your beauty blog by allowing people to advertise through your site. The more your traffic grows the more money you can make. With ads, you could make as much as €1000 a month.
Offer courses: You can provide more valuable information to your customers by offering courses. For example, you can sell makeup courses or nail art tutorials. 
Offer services: Another way to make money through blogging is by offering a specific service to locals in your area. For example, you can offer facials, manicures, or haircuts at a specific rate. 
Final Thoughts
As you can see, there are many ways you can profit from beauty blogging. But you must first create a professional site and grow your followers. Use the tips in this article so you can make a full-time salary from blogging!



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