Sunday, July 17, 2022

5 Things To Know Before Starting A Blog

First of all, kudos to you for deciding to give blogging a go, and another kudos for researching before jumping into this crazy but rewarding world called blogging.

Assuming you’re meeting all the prerequisites, i.e., you are a good writer and have something unique to share, this guide will give you all additional info to prepare you for this endeavor.

Here are the 5 key things you need to know before starting a blog.

Know your lane
And stick to it. Seriously, you’d be surprised how many decent blogs have failed simply because of the lack of focus. It’s so much better, more rewarding, and easier, for that matter, to avoid the jack of all trends label. Why?  First of all, by choosing a specific niche, you’re creating original content. This, then, translates into building meaningful relationships with the relevant audience. Which, then, attracts the right type of brand collaborations and many more opportunities.

Think beyond the blog
Yes, it’s 2020, and to put your blog on the map, you have to expand your reach beyond just a blog.
Think of it this way. The entire digital space is one big web of little interconnected parts. To succeed at one, you need at least two other strong channels to promote it and drive traffic from.

Let’s say you’re a beauty blogger. Your end goal would be landing some major brand deals, or even creating your makeup or skincare line in the future. Whatever the case, your blog cannot be your only digital point of reference.

For starters, you should consider developing at least Instagram and Pinterest accounts.  This way, you are tripling your chances of getting discovered by the new audience. And, you’re letting your potential clients know that you’re a real deal. As IG growth experts at Flock Social suggest, your complete digital portfolio should be on brand to you and consistent to get the quality brands to pay attention.

Content still rules
And always will.  You can talk a big game, implement the latest technology, and incredible design, which you should, but none of this would work if your content is not stellar. Sure, you’ve probably heard this way too many times, mainly ‘cause it’s simply the truth.

To succeed with your blogging efforts and achieve any goals you may have set initially, you have to
have a dedicated readership. As a digital consumer yourself, you can understand that people won’t stick around for flashy elements, especially not in 2020. What draws us in is the content.

The best way to go about creating genuinely fantastic content is to write about what you know. Still, a simple Google search will reveal many similar experts on the same topic, but don’t despair. Be sure to give another perspective on the matter. Try a different angle and go super specific to achieve that unique feel.

Be prepared to learn
As much as your content should be coming from your own unique perspective, the other skill sets blogging requires may not. Get ready to research, attend some training sessions, and implement a tool
here and there. Remember, blogging is a process and a business. And as such, it takes constant learning and improving to succeed, especially in this fast-changing tech era we are in.

Get personal
Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean oversharing each personal detail to strangers. However, the trend of
fluff, generic blog content is long gone. Readers nowadays want to see the real person behind the blog. This includes candid recollections of real-life struggles and challenges all packed in a genuine, unique voice. It takes some getting used to, but the rewards are totally worth it.

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