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Top 10 Fun and Mind-Blowing Gifts For Boys This Christmas

 *This is a collaborative post, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

I'm a mother of two (soon to be three!) boys and sometimes it can be hard to find fun and unique gifts for the boys that they'll genuinely love and enjoy.  

My eldest boy is now nine and I've begun looking for some Christmas gift inspiration for him already, in the hopes of finding some cool, fun and unique gifts for him that he'll love this Christmas.

A brand which offers some amazingly fun gifts for boys (and girls alike!) is Wicked Uncle. They have hundreds of gift ideas for children on their website, with lots of fun and unique gift ideas to make gifting that extra bit special - they even offer a wrapping service too so that's one less thing for gift givers to worry about! 

You can be guaranteed that all of Wicked Uncle's gift ideas offer lots of fun as they test all of their products before adding them to their website. 

The Wicked Uncle website is really easy to use and they have their gift ideas grouped into ages and interests. This is really helpful as not every child is into the same thing and I love that Wicked Uncle have gift offerings for boys that aren't just the usual stereotypical ideas.

Here are my top 10 picks from the Wicked Uncle website for fun and mind-blowing gifts for boys this Christmas:

World Flags Tablecloth - Doodle Your Own! (£25.95)

If you have a boy who loves colouring and learning about the world then this world flags tablecloth is the perfect gift to keep him busy and learning. I know so many boys who would love this gift and it's on my Christmas gift list for my own son.

Massive Erupting Volcano 32 Piece Experiment Kit (£29.95)

If your boy loves science and explosions then this Massive Erupting Volcano 32 Piece Experiment Kit is the perfect gift. My boys love science and kits like this always go down a storm with them. It's a great kit for them to enjoy outside and to safely make it erupt multiple times. Lots of volcanic fun to be had!

Jumbo Octopus Kite - 4 Metres Long (£13.95)

A kite is something my boys have never had but which they'd absolutely love and it's definitely on the gift list for this Christmas. This Jumbo Octopus Kite from Wicked Uncle is a bargain and looks like so much fun. Perfect for encouraging the boys to get outside - even on breezy days and have fun flying their kites.

XL Mega Bounce - Giant Inflatable Ball (£20.00)

The fun my boys would have with these giant inflatable balls! Again, this is a great gift for encouraging boys to get outside and play. Comes with a handy pump for speedy inflation and super-grip graphics to make catching it easy. I think this would also be a great gift for children with sensory needs to for rolling, squeezing, leaning on and playing with the ball.

Twister Light - Colour Changing Tornado! (£14.95)

Another fab gift for boys with sensory needs, this Twister Light creates a mesmerising twisting display with LED lights, whilst giving a tornado effect. A really cool gift to have in his room and it's also battery operated so it can be taken wherever he wants!

Smart Ball - Counts Keepy Uppys For You! (£21.99)

If you have a boy who loves football and enjoys doing keepy uppy challenges then this is the perfect gift for him. This Smart Ball keeps your keepy uppy score up to 100 as the built-in speaker calls out your score. Boys will have great fun using this Smart Ball with friends and trying to beat their previous score each time.

Walkie Talkies - National Geographic (£39.95)

Another great gift on my list for my boys this Christmas. Walkie Talkies are such a classic toy for kids and always bring lots of fun. I've seen how much fun they have with their friends walkie talkies and I need to get them their own. This set from Wicked Uncle is great as they have a built-in flashlight, microphone jack and a range up to 6km! Perfect for outdoor adventures.

Interactive Glow T-Shirt (£15.95)

For boys who love their fashion, this interactive glow t-shirt is such a novelty and so much fun! Using the UV keyring included you can simply draw your own designs on the glow panel. Each design lasts about 5 minutes before it fades and you can have fun creating a new design to wear.

Retro Box - Fizzy, Foamy, Gummy Traditional Delights (£5.99)

A Christmas gift always has to include a treat or two and this Retro Box from Wicked Uncle is full of delicious treats that kids will love. I love the nostalgia of the candy necklaces and I know my boys would love them too.

Sureshot Crossbow - Target Combo Pack (£19.95)

Another great gift idea which encourages kids to get outside, this Sureshot Crossbow is sure to bring lots of fun! Kids can compete with their siblings or friends to see who gets the highest score and with an impressive 10 metre range, they can have lots of fun setting up various distance challenges too. 

As you can see, Wicked Uncle have an impressive range of gift ideas available and this is just a small selection from their gifts for boys aged 10+ page. 

Wicked Uncle also have amazing gifts on offer for babies up to teenagers 15+ and offer a great selection for both boys and girls, with lots of unisex gifting options available too.

Everything is reasonably priced and would make a great gift this Christmas.

Would your boys love any of the gifts I've shared above?


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