Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Spooky Halloween Themed Dinner Ideas For Kids

Spooky Halloween Themed Dinner Ideas For Kids
Halloween is almost here and it's a time where we usually focus on all the sweet stuff, but what about the savoury?

Why not make some spooky dinners for the kids? We made these spooky Halloween themed dinner ideas for kids with some delicious Mash Direct products. These are perfect for fast dinners and our boys loved them! 

Mash Direct products can be found in lots of retailers throughout Ireland and the U.K., but you can also use other substitutes to make these spooky Halloween themed dinner ideas for kids.

Potato vampire

Using Mash Direct Potato Rosti, raddish, olives, beetroot and cucumber we made a vampire. We used tomato, olives and cucumber to make some fun little bats to go with him.

We made bloody fingers using simple tomato ketchup and Mash Direct Potato Croquettes.

Potato Frankenstein

We made ghosts out of Mash Direct Mashed Potato and added some olives for eyes and mouths. 

Using Mash Direct Carrot and Parsnip Mash we made a pumpkin and a devil. Both of these were super simple to make. 

We also used another Potato Rosti to make Frankenstein, using olives for hair and his face, along with radish and cucumber.

Potato skeleton

Finally, using Potato Rosti and Potato Croquettes along with radish we made a skeleton - although I think it also looks like a voodoo doll or a dead gingerbread man!

All of these meals were super simple to make but are perfect for Halloween themed dinners for kids.

It's amazing the creations you can come up with by using a bit of garnish!

Thank you to Mash Direct for collaborating with us on this over on our Instagram @dollydowsie

For more fun Halloween ideas check out our Halloween section for even more inspiration.


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