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How To Prepare Your Home For the Winter Months

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As we come into autumn and the weather starts to get colder and less pleasant, it’s important to think about getting our homes ready for winter. 
Our homes and gardens will naturally experience some wear and tear throughout the year, but its essential to tick off any odd jobs around the home that will be more difficult to do in winter or may impact how well our homes keep us warm and safe as the colder months set in.
Here are some great ways to prepare your family home for the coming winter:

Outside your home

Autumn is the perfect time to prepare the outside of your home for the winter and this includes your lawn and garden areas.
It’s important to mow your lawn each week in the run up to winter. Lift the blade height of your mower to leave your grass slightly longer, this allows it to protect itself from the elements and any frost.
Another lawn care task is to rake up any fallen leaves regularly to prevent the leaves from blocking your lawns sunlight and any outdoor drainage systems you may have. Without the sun, your grass is at a higher risk of moss and fungal diseases developing and blocked drains from leaves can cause unpleasant odours and sludgy waste water. On this website you'll find lots of eco-friendly odour and waste water solutions that can keep the outside of your home clean for the winter.
If the outside of your home is in need of some TLC, you may consider adding cladding panels to product the structure of your home and to insulate it for the winter months. This is a great way of protecting your home from the cold weather and improving it's appearance too.
Finally, make sure all your outdoor lights and cables are set up and functioning for both security and safety reasons. If any of your fiber optic cabling needs repairing, hiring a fiber splicing machine before winter sets in is a good thing to do to make sure your phone, internet and television are all in good order before those long, cold winter nights set in.



As well as securing and protecting the outdoors of your home for winter, you have think about the inside of your home too. After all, this is probably where most of us will be spending the majority of our time once the colder days set in.  
The main thing to consider is the reliability of your boiler or your other main heating source such as a range fire, etc. as this is essential to heating your home. If you haven’t booked in for a boiler service this year, do this soon before you need to rely on your boiler full time so any pressing issues can be identified and solved before the colder temperatures take hold.
Making sure your home is well insulated is another great thing to do and making repairs or replacements to any windows or doors that our causing drafts is important too.
Autumn is also a good time to start stocking up on home heating oil, wood, coal or turf, all of which will be needed to heat your home during the winter months. Making sure you have enough fuel is key to staying warm in the winter, so check your oil tanks and start stocking up your coal bin, etc.


It's important to make sure your home is secure both in and outdoors before the winter months arrive.
Store away any garden furniture and toys from the summer that could be damaged or blown away during winter and make sure they're are locked up safely.
Installing sensor lights around your home is a good idea too. Once the darker days arrive it'll be harder to see who is around your property and these lights can deter any unwanted activity or intruders.


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