Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Stylish and Comfy Loungewear from Femme Luxe

Now that I've lost even more weight (22lbs to be exact, follow my daily journey on my TikTok @dollydowsie), I'm exploring new clothing styles and I'm loving getting to try new clothes. I'm still loving comfy loungewear though as it's perfect for the school run and the busy days here at home getting jobs done around the house.

One brand that has a whole host of stylish and comfy loungewear is Femme Luxe

I featured my new clothing from Femme Luxe last month and I wanted to share what I received this month too, in case anyone is looking for any stylish and comfy loungewear inspiration.

The first set I got was the Mauve Hoodie and Skinny Joggers Set Bellamy (£41.98). This is such a gorgeous colour and perfect for spring I think. It's nice to find loungewear sets in a colour like this and it's so comfy for day to day wear.

I love the classic style of the hoodie and that it has the front pocket for holding my phone when I'm out walking. The joggers also have pockets, which is fab - can't live without pockets as I don't carry handbags!

This loungewear set and the stone coloured set shown below both have a fleece-like lining too, so would be cosy and warm for the autumn and winter too.

A similar set I got is the Stone Oversized Front Pocket Pullover Hoodie Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set - Alexia (£34.99). I love the colour of this set too - can't beat a bit of neutral. 

I love that the joggers are high waisted and have the cuffed leg, they're so comfy. I wear the hoody a lot separately too and again, love that it has the front pocket so it's stylish and functional too.

The next set I got was the Black Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set - Asia (£19.13). I got this in pink last month and had so many compliments on it. The v-neck is such a flatting shape for me and I feel so confident when I wear this - I want it in every colour!

It's so comfy for lounging around at home too and the top can also be worn separately to dress up jeans, etc.

I also got the Khaki Loungewear Tracksuit Set - Maria (£39.98). I love this set so much, but unfortunately it's a little too small for me at the moment, which is making it a bit too sheer to wear. However, I am on a weight loss journey and I'm confident I'll be rocking this come autumn.

I love the khaki colour so much and it's such a lovely and soft set. It'll be super comfortable to wear once I can fit in it properly.

I was a bit worried when I first got my Femme Luxe order that the outfits wouldn't fit, but I've been pleasantly surprised. I'd wear a size 16 or 14 in some brands and everything from Femme Luxe, bar the khaki loungewear set, has fit me fine.

It's great that the brand can fit on a plus size body too and they have a whole host of gorgeous clothing on offer.

Their clothing also washes really well - I've been living in my hoodies as it's been so chilly these past couple of weeks and they still look amazing. 

Femme Luxe's clothing is so affordable too and they have some gorgeous and unique designs and details to their clothing, such as unique colours and embellishments such as ruffles, etc. on loungewear, so you'll definitely find something special in their collections.

They have stunning dresses that are perfect for the upcoming summer and nights out now that we have a bit of freedom back after lockdown.

Definitely check out Femme Luxe if you're looking for affordable and stylish clothing. I can't recommend their stylish and comfy loungewear sets enough.


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