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Keeping the Family Hydrated With BRITA


*This post is in collaboration with BRITA

As a mother of two busy boys, keeping them happy and healthy is important. As my boys are always on the go, making sure they drink enough water is something I'm always making sure of.

Let me share with you how I've been keeping the family hydrated with BRITA.

Now that winter is here, it's important to keep your family hydrated. Usually we associate dehydration with summer and the warm weather it brings, but winter can be just as dehydrating, especially for children. 

Making sure we drink at least two litres of water a day is so important for keeping our bodies healthy. In the winter, the colder weather can reduce the body's thirst response, meaning we may not even feel as thirsty as usual, but we still need the water.

Winter is also the height of cold and flu season and drinking plenty of water can really give our immune system a boost to fight off the bugs. This is particularly important for school going children.

I'm not going to lie though, as a parent, we always want to do the best for our children, but our children might not particularly like what's good for them! At times, it's been difficult to get my boys to drink plain water. They complain that it tastes 'funny' and have refused flat out to drink plain water at times, but I've persevered with them.

A few years ago we bought a BRITA filter jug and it's been great for removing any taste impairments in water - meaning the boys will actually drink it! We've recently received a new BRITA jug, the BRITA Style Water Filter Jug. 

The BRITA Style features an intelligent traffic light display on the top of the jug, to let you know when your filter needs to be replaced. This ensures great tasting water every time. The Smart Light needs to be taken out of the Style before putting it in the dishwasher.

It also features an easy flip top lid, which can be opened one-handed - great for busy parents!

The BRITA Style is made to fit within the door of your fridge, making it perfect for cooling water in the warmer months. It's also dishwasher safe.

I only ever use BRITA filtered water in our appliances such as the iron, steam cleaner and kettle to keep limescale at bay. This ensures our appliances last and work as best as they possibly can.

Recently we received some other new BRITA products, along with the BRITA Style, to keep our family hydrated and I'm delighted with them.

One product that has been particularly great for the children is the BRITA Flow Water Filter Tank. This holds a very generous 8.2 litres of water and is perfect for families who consume a lot of water.

It's designed to fit most fridges, but for now we have it on our countertop in the kitchen so that the boys can get a glass of water easily whenever they need it. In the warmer months we'll pop it in the fridge for cool water.

The BRITA Memo on it's lid reminds you to change it's filter every four weeks for optimum filtration results. 

The BRITA Flow has an easy to use dispenser tap, that even our four year old can manage perfectly. Having the BRITA Flow on our countertop has really encouraged the boys to drink more water. I think the novelty of being able to use the tap easily has really appealed to them and I'm always delighted to see them reaching for a glass of water.

Another great product from BRITA and one that has been great for me as a busy mother is the BRITA Fill & Go Active Water Bottle. I've been guilty of not drinking as much water as I should as I'm always too busy running from one place to the next, but since I got the BRITA Fill & Go Active Water Bottle I've been making sure to have my water with me wherever I go.

This is a great, sturdy drinks bottle that doesn't leak and is ideal for schoolbags too - we've got one for Tyler for school too.

It uses BRITA MicroDisc technology to make sure you have great tasting water on the go. MicroDisc refill packs are also available for purchase. 

All of BRITA's products are so easy to use and are perfect for keeping families hydrated. Their filtration systems ensure that water can be as pure tasting as possible - meaning that children are more than happy to drink it.

Until the end of the year, if you send your old BRITA refills back to BRITA, they will donate €1 to Seal Rescue Ireland for each one, which is a lovely cause to support.

The return address is: Freepost License FAU V92, Bluestone Sales & Distribution, 26 Oaktree Business Park, Trim, Co. Meath, C15 HK40.

Please support this initiative if you have any used refills to send. 

I have also teamed up with BRITA to give three lucky people the chance to win an amazing gift pack from BRITA, featuring all the products I've mentioned within this post as well as a pack of refills, over on my Instagram @dollydowsie, enter here -

BRITA's range of products simply fit into busy family life and help to keep the whole family hydrated, no matter what the season.

Their products have ensured that we all drink as much water as we need, without fuss.


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