Sunday, November 29, 2020

We Bought A House!

Nine years, two children and three house moves later and we've bought a house!

Not only is this our first (and most probably only) family home, it's also my childhood home, so it makes it extra special for me to be raising our children here.

It's a very old farmhouse in the countryside and we love it here. We always wanted to live in the countryside and raise our children here and on November 12th our dreams came true when our sale closed and we finally became homeowners.

For a long time we didn't think our dreams of owning our own home would come true. We had always rented and could never seem to manage to save up a deposit to apply for a mortgage. 

However, when we were told that the house we had been renting was going up for sale and we moved in with my stepfather, it gave us an opportunity to save and helped towards our goal of securing a mortgage. I will always be grateful to my stepfather for this.

So, now my childhood home is our forever home. We're already looking forward to all the memories we're going to make here.

We're slowing to it up, making it our own. I'll share our progress here on the blog and hope you'll follow along with our very old farmhouse makeover.


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