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Storage Tips For Parents For An Organised and Tidy Home

For families, storage is key for having an organised and harmonious home. Having children means that a whole lot more possessions will come into your life. 
In their early years children need a lot of big and bulky items such as cots, pushchairs, high chairs and if you plan on having more children you may want to keep these items for a long time.
You may not have the space in your home to store all of these things, so making use of a storage unit could be a great thing to do to free up some space. Now Storage self storage in Newbury can store everything you need safely until you need it again. 

If you're like me, you'll try (and fail!) to keep all of your children's possessions in their own room, however, it's inevitable that some toys will make it down to the living room. Built in cupboards are a great storage solution in family living rooms (we had them in our old home and they were fantastic!). 
Cupboards can be built into the alcoves of the fireplace side walls and made to measure. You could designate a cupboard for the children's toys, etc. and then once they're finished playing everything can be put away out of sight.

For hallways in family homes, if you want to avoid a mass of shoes, wellies, etc. accumulating by the front door, then investing in a shoe box or shoe storage is a great idea. These can be placed by the front door and then children can easily store their shoes and wellies, all with them being put away and not cluttering up the hall.

Have coat pegs or a coat rack is another great idea as you'll be amazed how easily these can pile up on the banister of the stairs, etc. too once to colder weather sets in!

There's also toys to consider. Having adequate toy storage will make cleaning up once the children are finished playing a whole lot more easier. Toy boxes and baskets are great for having everything neat, tidy and hidden away.

If you'd like toys, books, etc. to be storage away nicely but also reachable for the children, then cubed units are a great idea. They can be a real style feature in a child's room or playroom too with lovely toys on display.
In your child's room itself, fitting shelves at an appropriate height so kids can reach them is a great idea. Make sure they are safely screwed onto the wall to prevent them from falling down on top of your child should they pull at them or try to climb them - as children have been known to do!
They’re great for storing books,  puzzles, games, soft toys or even school stuff. 
Both of my sons' bedrooms have cubed storage units and they're a perfect storage solution for us. I have also used picture ledges as shelves - which you can buy for as little as £10, which not only make for a great storage solution, but are also a lovely way of displaying some of your children's most prized posessions.
If your children are anything like mine and having an abundance of coats, having a few coat pegs on the wall of their bedroom, where small children can hang coats or dressing up clothes is a good idea. Or, if you're short of space, using over the door hangers is great for storing coats, etc.

If you're wanting to store your children's outgrown clothing - perhaps wanting to stash it for a younger sibling, etc. then vacuum bags are a great storage solution. They'll take the bulkiness out of the clothing, allowing you to store them flat and keep them clean until you need them again. I use these in my eldest son's wardrobe as I have so many clothes I'd like to keep for his younger brother.

I find having a chest of drawers in children's rooms is a great storage solution too. It's so much easier folding clothes and having them away in drawers than hanging them in the wardrobe and using the shelf on the top of the wardrobe to store t-shirts, etc. I find they get far too messy and jumbled up this way, so having a chest of drawers with a separate drawer for each item of clothing is great.

Having an outdoor space such as a shed or outdoor storage unit is essential if your children have bikes, ride ons and garden toys that you want to keep safe from the rain. A playhouse is also a great way of extending your children's play space and giving that extra bit of storage too.

If you go on days out to the beach, etc. and don't want to store the beach toys, etc. in your home (let's face it, these can get messy!) then investing in a large laundry bucket or basket to keep in the boot of your car is a great idea. You can keep extra coats, outdoor gear, wellies, etc. - anything children need for days out, walks in the woods, etc. tidy within the basket and always in reach for any spur of the moment adventures. 

Hopefully these storage tips have been useful to you and will allow you to create some organisation within your own family home.


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