Thursday, August 13, 2020

A Pretty Little Garden Tea Party With Portmeirion

Enjoy our garden is something I want to do a whole lot more of. Since we moved house back in November, we've now been blessed with two big gardens with plenty of space for the boys to play, lots of beautiful plants and flowers and the lovely peace and quiet that the countryside brings.

I feel so lucky to be raising my own children in my childhood home. I had the best time in these gardens, making my own games and playing with my pets and I hope my children will grow up with similar memories.

I feel like during the summer we haven't enjoy the garden to it's full potential though. Always, on Jacek's days off, we load up the car and head off on a family day out. When the days get calmer and life becomes less chaotic I know the garden will be a place of relaxation for us - and I can't wait for those days.

Portmeirion, makers and suppliers of the most beautiful pottery, recently celebrated their 60th anniversary and sent me some gifted pottery. I love Portmeirion's pieces and was delighted to add more of their lovely designs to my collection.

This past weekend I decided to take my lovely new pottery out to the garden and have a pretty little garden tea party with my boys.

It was a very simple affair, but we enjoyed it. Our little tea party was filled with sweet treats and tasty sandwiches, all laid out on Portmeirion's beautiful offerings. I choose some pieces from the Botanic Blue collection as I love the antique look. I also chose some pieces from the Sophie Conran collection too and the quality of the pottery is fabulous.

We need to invest in some new garden furniture, but I laid out some linens on our small table under the hydrangeas and everyone was happy as we had some shade to enjoy our food.

I also hung some pink pom poms on a string from the hydrangeas - I love the pale pink and the blue/purple together and collected some sweet peas and a lovely orange rose to pop on our table too.

It was such a simple little garden tea party but so enjoyable on that beautifully sunny summers day. We'll definitely have another before the holidays end.

Thank you to Portmeirion for such a lovely gift and for giving me the opportunity and inspiration to do something so simple but so lovely for my family. Happy 60th Anniversary!


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