Thursday, August 13, 2020

How You Could Afford A Summer Holiday Even Now

Due to the world being in a recession and many people not being able to earn as much as they normally would, holidays are being cancelled. It's not just travel woes, but debt woes as well. Come to think of it, debt is probably the new buzzword that you’ll begin to hear more and more as the weeks progress.

Governments are in debt, companies are in debt and citizens are in debt too. It's quite an incredible time, but remember, there is always a way out of debt. You can afford your summer holiday, it's not too late! You just need to do a few simple things in tandem.

Buy stocks
Yes, you can buy stocks to make a good quick buck. There are certain stocks that are shooting up in price because of the situation this world is in. Consider Amazon, Tesla and even Apple for your stock buys. All three have risen in value by 40% or more. This has been achieved in as little as 6 months and for other similar stocks, it's been achieved in just 3 months. 
The stock market is also on a bull run. After being down in the dumps for many months, the additional stimulus from the FED is making it a great time to invest in corporate bonds and stocks. There are some industries doing far better than others, such as the software sector, and at-home applications i.e. tech industry.

Make money while abroad
Reading that you have probably thought that you need to work while you’re away on holiday. Nonsense, of course, you don’t! Your house can be making the money you spend on holiday, while you’re away. Consider fitting modern solar roof tiles, which are more efficient than solar panels. This is because they cover a wider area, and they fit in together. 
This means there’s less roof space that isn't actually being used. Also, the modern tiles are made by the best materials and designs. You can also create a summer compost, which can be used for biodegradable energy. Companies will pay to pick up your compost and ship it to companies that burn the fuel for the grid.

Become debt-free
Maybe this isn’t the only year whereby you have thought about cancelling your holiday. Perhaps the lockdown and the recession caused by it has just opened your eyes and you’re now starting to see the truth. You can discharge your debt and become free by reading up on certain unique citizenship laws. But with freedom comes responsibility, you’ll need to take care of your own financial affairs as you will not be subject to some things, such as a government stimulus cheque. 
However, you will be subject to some financial laws, so you end up saving more during the year. You can also no longer be permitted to pay the debts you owe since your citizenship status has now changed.

Where there is a will, there is always a way. There’s plenty of time yet, to make these changes and pay for your summer holiday, this year!

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