Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Makeover Tips For the Bedroom

On average we spend 6-8 hours a day in our bedrooms sleeping or relaxing. That accounts for at least a quarter of our lives. This is why it's so important to get the design of our bedrooms right.

A good design has a lot of impact on sleep, productivity and creativity. You only need to make simple adjustments to revamp the one space you spend most of your life in. Here are some makeover tips for the bedroom.

The wall design
Walls cover the largest area in any room. Simple alterations to the paint design or wallpaper can have a far-reaching impact. Colour is so powerful that psychologists study its impact on human behaviour.

Altering the paint on your wall may be enough to make the stay in your room more relaxing and attractive. Selection is based on personal preference and the options are innumerable. Neutral colours are a safe choice and blend easily with other color designs put in the bedroom. Nonetheless, pastel colours and bold colours work well when they fit with a certain design theme or if you're wanting to achieve a particular vibe.

Wallpapers offer extra options for design. They come in different patterns and textures giving versatility in application. Wallpapers can be used in different walls in the room including the ceiling - if you want to go for an especially unique look. They are excellent compliments to other designs in a room and add an extra touch that can't be achieved with wall paint.

Furniture and wardrobes
The bedroom houses several key furniture pieces. The bed is perhaps the most important and it comes in a lot of different designs to suit all tastes and colour schemes. The choice between a traditional or an ultra-modern design all boils down to personal taste.

The bed is used to centre a room and also reinforce the design. A bedside table is another piece of furniture worth investing in. It's a good place to keep your glasses, phone, alarm clock or a glass of water. Anything you need within your reach while in bed can be placed on the bedside table.

A good dressing table allows you to prepare well before stepping out for the day. It’s a convenient place to keep your makeup, accessories and jewellery. If the table doesn't come with a fitted mirror, you can make do with a dressing table mirror - this can become a design feature within itself.

If your bedroom is big enough, you can add a sitting area. A simple couch is enough to serve the purpose but if the space is limited an ottoman bench will do the job.

Wardrobes are a must have for any bedroom. They help declutter the space and also organise all your items. Most bedrooms come with fitted wardrobes on the wall but standalone units are also available. Wardrobe designs compliment the look of a room while offering extra storage.

Half of the time you spend in your bedroom it's dark outside. Lighting goes a long way in improving the aesthetics in your bedroom. Considering it’s your personal space, you are free to choose whichever lighting designs suit your taste. Don't be afraid to hang a chandelier from your ceiling or throw some fairy lights on your bed headboard or frame to make a cosy space. Use lighting to bring life to your bedroom and make it a space which you enjoy being in - not just sleeping in.

When it comes to big bedroom refurbishment, so as fitting wardrobes, you are better off hiring a professional for the job. There are some DIY projects you can handle yourself but when the task is too complex get the right people for the job.

The bedroom is a very personal space and one that should be designed to fit your own personal design preferences. Make it a space that you enjoy being in, not just for sleeping in, but for relaxing and leisure time too.

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