Monday, June 22, 2020

Aberrant Perspectives Photography Course For Influencers, Social Media and Content Creators

One of the images I was inspired to take as part of the photography course

Lockdown has been a time of mixed emotions for me. One minute I'm sad and frustrated by all that the pandemic has taken away from me and mine and the next minute I'm incredibly inspired, driven and focused at improving myself and my work. When the opportunity came to take part in Abberant Perspectives photography course for influencers, social media and content creators, I thought it would be a great asset to me and my work.

I am a self-taught photographer and self-employed blogger and content creator, so any new skills or courses I can undertake to improve these things are great for me.

Aberrant Perspectives is a marketing and PR company run by Carla Speight. Carla has over eight years freelance photography experience and her work has been featured in a lot of well-known publications, so I was delighted to get an opportunity to join her photography course for influencers and gain some insight from someone with so much experience.

The course was run via Facebook and Carla did live sessions every evening. The live sessions were great as it made the course feel a lot more personal and it's always great to hear people speaking passionately about photography and their own experiences with it.

The benefits of the lives also meant that if you missed a session they were still available to watch later - which was great for someone like me who has two children and can't really keep to times for things in the evening.

Carla gave lots of great tips for capturing the best images you can. She covered all aspects of photography from lighting, to essential apps for editing, to creating your own presets for easier editing (perfect if you want to keep a cohesive look to your photography), how to work with flash and how to challenge yourself to try new angles and perspectives when photographing.

There were lots of things I already knew within the course as photography is a real passion of mine. However, Carla had a great way of making me want to push myself to try new things and to realise your worth as a photographer.

A great thing she said which really stuck in my mind due to my line of work, is the effort you put into your photos and how you should be charging more for the quality. For example, I mostly capture my images on a DSLR camera. I set up shoots, go out of my way to get good backgrounds for product photography and go to different locations. I can spend hours editing photos for brands/collaborations I do, yet, I charge the same as someone who takes a simple, unedited phone picture in comparison. It just doesn't make sense and I really need to realise my worth when it comes to my photography.

Carla is a really lovely lady, her course was a joy to partake in and I'm so glad she gave me the opportunity to do so.

Even if you think you know a lot about photography, it's always great to hear the perspectives of others and to gain inspiration from other photographers. The challenges that Carla set us within the course were great for inspiration and for making me want to try new angles and subjects and I think anything that inspires you to try new things and to spur on your passion is always great.

You can read more about Carla and get more information on her photography courses on Aberrant Perspectives.

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