Tuesday, May 26, 2020

How To Save and Preserve Your Kids Childhood Memories So You Have Them Forever

Most people have a rather staggering ability to remember things. You’re able to keep track of countless items in day to day life, can keep things in your mind for decades, and you have loads of natural tools to help you with this. Of course, though, when it comes to your child’s upbringing, it’s never worth leaving your memory in charge of storing a slice of the past.

Instead, it makes sense to look for ways to give yourself additional reminders that will keep your memories alive. But how exactly are you supposed to go about achieving a goal like this?

Memory and vision are strongly connected, with the things you see having the power to send you back into the past.

With just about everyone in the world carrying a smartphone in their pocket nowadays, it’s likely that you already have access to a good camera, and can start to take photos right away. Keeping these photos safe will be a challenge, but you can use services like Google Drive to save an online version that won’t be deleted by accident.

Some people will also want to have physical copies of their pictures, and there are loads of companies out there that can print them for you. I've recently begun using the FreePrints app to print out free printed pictures and photo books to remember my boys' childhoods. You only pay for postage, so it's a good way of saving your memories cheaply.

If you're like me and take a ton of photos that you want to keep forever, investing in external hard drives to store them all on is a good idea. My laptop has already run out of space for all the photos I've taken this year!

As your child goes through the early stages of their life, they will go through many phases. Each of these phases will include new clothing, toys, and other items that will set the time apart from the other stages of their development.

Many parents are forced to give away or sell these items, with the limited space in their home simply not being enough to keep things that aren’t essential. I find it quite hard to let go of my boys' possessions, especially the clothing and baby blankets. I have kept every knitted item that my Nan has made for them and I think these things will be kept by me so long that I'll be passing them on to my own grandchildren! What do you find hard to let go of from your children's childhood?

Attics and basements can be great places to store your child’s old possessions - storage boxes and vacuum bags work a treat in keeping everything in good condition, though external storage can also be a good idea if you're short of space at home. There are a lot of companies out there offering this type of service, making it nice and easy to get your hands on it.

Spending Time
Finally, as the last idea to consider, it’s time to think about the amount of time you spend with your kids.

Working long hours, spending loads of time away from home, or simply not spending enough for your free time with your kids can leave you with very few memories of their early life. Even when you’re having to work hard to support your family, it will always make sense to throw as much time as you can into your children.

The more time you spend with them, the more memories you will be able to form, and this will make it much easier to keep this time in your mind.

I'm lucky to be a work from home mother, meaning I've been home with my children since they were born, however, their father has to work long hours five or sometimes six days a week and I know he feels like he's missing out. This is why we take the time to have family days out on his days off and do as much exploring new places and memory making as we can on those days.

Raising children can be hard, and a lot of parents feel like they’re making mistakes as they go through this process. Of course, though, in reality, making memories is nice and easy, and most people already have the tools they need to start improving this.

It doesn’t matter if you struggle to remember things; you can give yourself reminders that will make the whole thing much easier and these will be things you can look back on forever, and share with your children again once they get older and curious about how life was for them as a child.

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