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8 Amazing Books That Are Perfect for Homeschooling

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Here in Ireland we've been thrown into homeschooling, without much preparation at all. It's now been two months since my boys have been at school and myself and Jacek have taken over teaching duties as well as we can. One great resource we have for the boys in teaching different topics are amazing books that are amazing for homeschooling.

Along with the usual subjects of maths, English and Irish, I wanted to take the opportunity during this time to teach the boys about topics that they wouldn't hear about in school in a substantial way. I wanted to make them aware of topics such as nature, mindfulness and the cycle of life - an important one to make them aware of during a pandemic.

We were sent some amazing books by some wonderful publishers. I wanted to share them here for any other parents who are looking for some amazing books that are perfect for homeschooling.

Mr. Shaha's Recipes for Wonder Book

Mr. Shaha's Recipes for Wonder by Alom Shaha & Emily Robertson (£8.99)
This is a wonderful book for kids who are interested in learning about science. Filled with kid-friendly experiments that you can do at home, Mr. Shaha's Recipes for Wonder not only teaches children about the wonders of science, but provides plenty of entertainment too.

The experiments within the book are designed to be set up and done around the kitchen table, so it really does make for the perfect homeschool-friendly science lessons.

The Usborne Woodland Book Cover

The Usborne Woodland Book (£9.99)
This is a fabulous book for little nature lovers. The Usborne Woodland Book details everything you need to know about woodland - from it's trees, plants and animals as well as useful info on how to identify animal tracks, build woodland dens and draw maps.

With it's beautiful illustrations, this book is great for getting children interested in learning about nature. It's also a great guide to take learning outside the home, with trips to the woods for a nature walk, collecting things for a nature table and learning about the great outdoors in a hands-on way.

Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street Book

Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street by Felicita Sala (£8.99)
If you're wanting to let your kids experience a more hands-on approach to learning during their homeschooling then Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street is a great book for recipe inspiration.

This books is stunningly illustrated and contains delicious recipes from all over the world, all provided by a different apartment resident of 10 Pomegranate Street.

With easy to follow instructions, Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street is the perfect book for budding chefs to have in their library.

Your Mind is Like the Sky by Bronwen Ballard and Laura Carlin (£11.99)
As I said, I'm wanting to teach my boys about subjects that may not be talked about school in a big way and mindfulness is one of these.

Your Mind is Like the Sky is a great book for helping children to think about and understand their feelings. The book speaks about 'rain cloud thoughts' and what we can do about them. With it's dreamy illustrations and poetic voice, this book is great for teaching children how to recognise their thoughts and feelings and to know it's okay to have 'rain cloud thoughts' and how they can deal with them in a positive way.

This book has been especially beneficial to my eldest boy who is 7 and is a great one to read at the end of a hard day.

Plastic Book by Eun-ju Kim

Plastic by Eun-ju Kim (£11.99)
Plastic is both an informative and eco-conscious book for children. Plastic tells children how plastic is made, demonstrates it's uses and how handy it can be in the world. However, on a more eco-friendly note, it also tells, in an honest way, how damaging plastic can be for the world and gives children information on how it can be reused or disposed of properly.

This is a great book to have for teaching children about the importance of recycling and being conscious of what materials we're using in our daily lives. If you're wanting to encourage your children to love and care for nature, this book is a must.

The Great Big Busy Wheels Activity Book Cover

The Great Big Busy Wheels Activity Book  by M. Archer, P. Bently and C. Veitch (£9.99)
If you have younger children to homeschool at the moment who love all things vehicles and want to get them learning in an informal way, The Great Big Busy Wheels Activity Book is a great book to get them.

It contains four stories about a different vehicle for story times. It also has lots of activity pages featuring things such as colouring, word searches, dot to dot activities and so much more.

My vehicle obsessed three year old loves this book and it's a great one for getting him interested in learning, colouring and holding a pencil to do the activities.

The Great Big Book of Life Cover

The Great Big Book of Life by Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith (£12.99)
This is a great book for helping children to understand about all aspects of life. Beginning with how life began and ending with the future, this book explains all stages and ways of life for children in an easy to understand and age-appropriate way.

The book is inclusive to everyone and has lovely illustrations for children to enjoy too. This is a great book for teaching children about different areas of society, different family units, the subject of death and so many more topics in life.

I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast: A Celebration of Plants Around the World by Michael Holland FLS and Philip Giordano (£14.99)

This is one of the most beautiful and interesting books we have in our home library. Detailing all you need to know about plants and their uses in everyday life, this book is full of fascinating facts and is another great one to get children interested in nature.

I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast also includes experiments to try at home and is great for giving children and introduction to botany and plant biology.

A must have book for any child interested in plants, flowers and the natural world.


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