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Can My Child Get A Scholarship To A Private School? ♥

If you are considering a private school education for your child, but you are concerned about the
costs, you may be able to apply for a scholarship or a bursary. Most private schools offer this
financial support to help talented pupils join their schools, when their parents cannot afford the

It is in the best interests of private schools to attract academically ‘gifted’ children, because they
improve the schools’ exam results and can also help to boost their reputations. This is the reason
why schools provide this type of funding to support lower income families.

In order to qualify for a scholarship children often have to sit a special exam and attend an interview
at the school. If your child is awarded a scholarship, this normally amounts to 50% of the school fees.
If the school offers a boarding option, the scholarship may also contribute towards these costs too.

Because a scholarship can only help towards half of private school fees, it may be necessary for
some families to look into a bursary instead. A bursary is an amount of money granted to cover the
full amount of school fees. This funding is only offered after a series of checks have been carried out
on a families financial circumstances. At some private schools, a bursary can also help to cover
additional costs, such as uniform and school excursions.

What benefits can a private school offer my child?
Private schools (also known as independent schools), offer many benefits to students. They often
have smaller class sizes, better facilities and achieve higher exam results, compared to government
funded schools. Many private schools offer enhanced extra curricular activities, such as music
lessons or sports clubs on site.

How do I get a scholarship or bursary for my child to attend a private school?
The best advice, when applying for school funding is to plan ahead and begin your research as
early as possible. Most schools have a January application deadline for students joining the school
in September. However, it is recommended that you apply to your desired school up to 2 years in

Do your research into your chosen school’s scholarship and bursary policy, and enquire about their
application process. You may be able to arrange a meeting with the school to discuss their
selection process in more detail. This is particularly important because many schools charge a non-
refundable application fee.

Once you have decided to apply for a bursary or scholarship, you will be expected to complete a
very detailed questionnaire from the school. This will include questions about your family’s income
and assets. The school will usually ask to see documentation such as your bank and mortgage

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