Sunday, November 24, 2019

Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For Him ♥

 *Denotes a PR sample was given in exchange for feature.

A tablet computer - Everyone loves receiving new gadgets for Christmas and a tablet computer is the perfect gift for him this Christmas. Research through the tablets currently on offer at the moment (they seem to bring out a new version every single year!) and look for not only the best specifics but also the best price too. You can find various deals on at the moment on tech from Amazon's Black Friday sale.

Their favourite cologne - This is such a Christmas gift cliché when it comes to buying for men, but honestly, just like with women, I think men are quite happy to receive their favourite fragrance as a gift. There are amazing deals on at the moment on men's fragrance gift sets and I picked up a lovely Lacoste one (which smells amazing!) for my other half for just €39!

A luxurious body wash* - This is a practical stocking filler idea for men. Usually men's body washes aren't a thing of luxury and are usually combined with the likes of shampoo and conditioner in a 3 in 1 (the horror!). So this Christmas, why not get your man a luxurious body wash such as SheaMoisture African Water Mint & Ginger Detox Body Wash (€13.99). This smells amazing and will leave his skin feeling clean and comfortable.

A new razor* - Again, another Christmas staple gift for men is a new razor and it really is a worthwhile gift as you can guarantee it will be used. The Expert Shave Set (£20) from Bulldog Skincare is a great set to gift as it includes Bulldog Skincare's new Original Bamboo Razor, Original Moisturiser (100ml) and Original Shave Gel (175ml) and has everything a man needs for a clean shave and soft skin.

Tickets to see his favourite band - This is a gift which I always love to get someone whenever I can. I always think 'experience' gifts are some of the nicest you can get and so far I've taken people to see Radiohead, Deftones, Beck and Slipknot, so it's always nice to add to the list! Band tickets are always the perfect gift choice for music lovers and they'll always be delighted with their tickets and the memories of the experience will last a lifetime too!

TRR Pro Advanced Collagen* - If your man is into working out and sports then this TRR Pro Advanced Collagen, developed specifically for tennis ace Andy Murray is a great gift idea. It's a daily high-strength Pro-Collagen liquid sports nutrition supplement containing 10,000mg of marine collagen. It retails at £38.99 and is a great gift idea for men who like to work out and have their body healthy and fit.

Lush Gift Set - Guys love Lush too! Last year I picked Jacek up a gift set and he loved it, it really helped him to relax and unwind after work with a lovely, warm bath full of Lush goodness.

Skincare products* - Men care about their skin too, in fact, my other half probably looks after his skin better than I do! At Christmas it's nice to gift men with a good brand of skincare that they can enjoy using daily. Bulldog Skincare is a great brand of skincare for men and has lots of lovely skincare gift sets available. Their Original Skincare Kit for Men (£15) contains three skincare products inside a stylish wash bag - which is great for men who travel a lot or go to the gym. The Skincare Kit includes Original Face Wash (150ml), Original Face Scrub (125ml) and Original Moisturiser (100ml) and is sure to be a favourite gift with men this Christmas.

Retro Sweet Hamper - I think hampers are some of the most fun gifts you can get/put together for someone as the recipient has the anticipation of opening it to see what's inside. This retro sweet hamper from Getting Personal is bound to satisfy any sweet tooth. Filled with Flying Saucers, Love hearts, Black Jacks, Foam Shrimps, Candy necklaces and a whole host of other classics, it's bound to keep him happy and reminiscing about his youth! The retro sweet hamper is £24.99.

A night away - One of the best gifts you can ever give someone is your time, so a night away together would make a perfect gift for him this Christmas. As I said, I really love experience gifts and think they make for the best memories too. You can get great deals on nights away, including dinner, from the likes of Buyagift, who we had a lovely night away with using one of their gift vouchers.

Would a man in your life enjoy any of these gifts this Christmas?


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  1. great ideas Fiona, I really fancied getting my hubby the razor, but it's "permanently out of stock" in tesco so will have to go searching! x


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