Sunday, November 24, 2019

Beautiful Wooden Toys For Kids (That Get Played With!) ♥

Tidlo Country Play Kitchen (£124.99)
In my opinion this is the loveliest toy kitchen there is. Tyler got it for his second Christmas (I think) and it's still being used today. I love the pale blue colour it has and it's Belfast sink. The taps and knobs on the over all move and it has plenty of space for play food, pots and pans, etc. It comes with some utensils, washing up liquid and salt and pepper shakes too. It's a gorgeous toy kitchen and has done our boys 4 years worth of play already! This is available from Amazon.

Hape Crane Lift (£34.99)
Beau is getting this wooden crane lift toy from Hape for Christmas as he loves vehicles and anything that goes, so we thought this would be a great addition to his imaginative play with that and pretending he's foreman of the building site! The crane can pivot and the platform can be raised, making it perfect for little builders! Hape toys are so solid and very well made and this is no exception. It means that even Beau's heavy hands at playtime won't be able to break it!

Hape Dumper Truck (£22.80)
Beau received this last Christmas and it's such a great toy. It's chunky enough for even little hands to play with it. The dumper section is big enough to pop lots of little toys in and to even put a teddy in and because it's wooden, it's sturdy enough to deal with even the hardest of play times without breaking! Hape toys can be bought from Amazon.

Moover Ride On Dump Truck (£69.99)
This ride on has been such a hit with our boys! Not only is it sturdy enough for them to ride it even in the woods, it's given them great fun with being able to pop their little toys in the dump truck compartment. It's suitable from ages 1-5 so it has been perfect for both of our boys. It's such a lovely, classic looking toy and it's been a permanent feature in our sitting room because it's been played with every day! We got ours from Hippychick and a natural colour is also available.

Bigjigs Cupboard Groceries (£19.99)
Our boys love kitchen toys and anything that enhances their imaginative play with them, so they love these wooden cupboard groceries from Bigjigs. They have the sweetest classic design and the boys love pretending that they're pouring the pasta and flour into their bowls, offering their teddies biscuits and sprinkling the herbs into their saucepans! These are a lovely addition to the playhouse decor too, because when playtime is over I display them on the shelves and they look lovely.

Peter Rabbit Pull Along Toy (£8.53)
The most perfect little toy for any little Peter Rabbit fan! Beau has been playing with this non-stop lately and it's such a sweet little wooden toy. It has such a classic feel to it and I love seeing him play with it (not just because it's Peter Rabbit either!). I bought ours in Waterstones but these are also available from Amazon.

Le Toy Van Honeybake Shopping Trolley (€64.95)
This might quite possibly be the most beautiful toy shopping trolley I've ever seen - but then, everything from the Le Toy Van Honeybake range is stunning (almost too stunning to not let the kids play with it!). A toy shopping trolley has been a stable toy in our house, both boys are always playing with it and this one would be fab for them! It has lots of space for toy food and anything else they might fancy buying. I found this one from Little Dreamers.

Le Toy Van Honeybake Blender Set (£39.99)
This is another toy that Tyler received for his 2nd Christmas that is still being played with today. The Le Toy Van range is such great quality and has stood the test of time. The boys love chopping up the fruit and popping it in the blender and then presenting me with a smoothie! The wooden fruit with the velcro for easy cutting has been a real hit with them. This is available from Amazon.

We've had a lot of wooden toys over the years and these are some of the most beautiful - wooden toys always tend to be gorgeous don't they? But not only do they look good, they've been a hit with the boys too and that's the most important thing.

We also have a lot of wooden kitchen toys from Aldi and Lidl which have been a real hit to - these are usually available around Christmas time.

Are your kids fans of wooden toys?


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