Saturday, November 02, 2019

5 Ways To Make the Most of Your Weekends ♥

*This is a collaborative post.

Weekends are some of the most precious times we have. Everything is a lot slower paced and it makes for much needed quality time together.

However, I sometimes find myself trying to come up with new ways to spend our weekends and find new things to do or places to visit that we've never been before.

If you're also looking for some inspiration on how to make the most of your weekends here are some lovely ideas.

1. Go for a drive and explore somewhere new
If you're someone who loves exploring and visiting new places as a family then why not get everyone in the car and explore somewhere new? This is something that can be done at home or if you're travelling look for the best temporary car insurance and get exploring by car.

Exploring by car is a great thing to do because it means that you can take as many stops as you like along your journey and come upon places you might not have even thought about seeing before but fall in love with. As a family we love a good day trip in the car and it's a great way to spend a weekend.

2. Make time for you time
When your weekdays are incredibly busy with work, family, school runs, home life, chores, etc. it's so important to get some downtown at the weekends and make some time for yourself.

Spend this time doing something you love and that helps you to relax. If you can afford it book yourself in for a relaxing spa day or light some candles and curl up with a good book. Whatever it is that helps you unwind, make time for it at the weekends.

3. Get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air
One of the most lovely things you can do at the weekend is to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. If you're working indoors or spend the majority of your time indoors during the week, then getting out and about during the weekend is a great thing to do.

I love going for walks in the woods or on the beach at the weekends and always keep a pair of wellies in the car for my little weekend wanders. Why not pack up a picnic, go for a walk somewhere beautiful, find somewhere lovely to sit and enjoy an al fresco picnic? I love seeing the pictures from fellow blogger Hollie's weekend wanders, always so beautiful.

4. Go on a weekend break
Weekend breaks are a real treat and if you can afford to get away then go for it. You could snap up a great and cheap European city break or find somewhere gorgeous to stay a little closer to home and find new places to explore and fall in love with.

My favourite place to go for a weekend break is Amsterdam. I've been many times now and I never tire of it. Having a weekend to spend somewhere means that you prioritise what you need to see and don't waste any time, making for the most perfect experience.

5. Take up a new hobby
If there's something you've been wanting to do for a long time, why not dedicate some time during your weekends to it?

During the weekends I make time for photography - one of my biggest passions in life. Having more free time at the weekends means that you can dedicate more time to being creative, mechanical, active or whatever it is that you enjoy as a pasttime.

Hopefully these give ideas have given you some inspiration for making the most of your precious weekends.

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