Thursday, August 01, 2019

6 Great Ways To Destress

Do you feel stressed all the time? Relieving that stress could be important for your health.
Often said to be the biggest killer, stress has been linked to a greater risk of heart disease, strokes, cancer and many other severe health conditions. Chronic stress can also lead to headaches, achy muscles and general fatigue.
Whilst you may not always be able to eliminate the source of the stress, there are always methods of relieving it that you can use. Here are just five great ways in which you can destress.
Take a bath
A hot bath is a great stress reliever. It helps to pump the body full of feelgood endorphins, which in turn help to flush out the cortisol (our stress hormone). The likes of Epsom salts can sometimes help to further relieve muscle tension and decrease the stress. This can be a great form of stress relief at the end of a long day.
Use natural supplements
There are many natural supplements that can be taken to help relieve the pressures of stress. One such supplement is Delta-8, which is a cannabinoid. These are chemical compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants, but are legal to use as they are extracted mostly extracted from hemp-derived CBD. These compounds are great for relieving stress and come in different dosages to suit your needs. Find your optimal dosage to get the right results for you.
Meditation can help to clear the mind, which can help to beat stress. It only takes five minutes to meditate – this could be five minutes in your car on your lunch break at work or even five minutes in the bathroom if you need a break from the kids! Close your eyes and take yourself away from the situation for five minutes. If done right, you should come back feeling much calmer.
Stress prepares our body for fight or flight by storing energy in muscles and getting the body ready for intense activity. Exercise is the best way to release this energy and tension. Exercise also releases endorphins to help flush away the cortisol in our bodies. This could be aerobic exercise or anaerobic – whatever you have time for.
Listen to music
Music can also help to relieve stress. Calmer songs tend to work better, but an energetic song can equally provide the endorphin rush needed to beat stress. Put your favourite song from YouTube on repeat and see how you feel fifteen minutes later. Listening to music can also be combined with other stress-busting activities such as exercising and meditating.
Get more sleep
Lack of sleep and stress can form a vicious cycle. When you haven’t had enough sleep, you’re more likely to get stressed. If you’re stressed before bed however, you’re also likely to find it harder to get to sleep. To get you out of this cycle, try another stress-busting method before you go to bed such as meditating or treating yourself to a hot bath. By going to bed destressed, you’ll find it easier to get to sleep and more sleep means less likeliness of stress the next morning. There are also other methods you can use to help you get to sleep such as eating the right foods before bed and making your bedroom a better sleep environment.

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  1. Oh YEP. The first thing I do when I start to feel stressed is run a super deep, bubbly bath with lavender oil in it. Seriously soothes even the stressiest of days! Plus who doesn't love blowing bubbles and pretending like they're 5 again?!

    katie. xx


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