Tuesday, April 30, 2019

5 Tips For Making Flying With Small Children Easier ♥

Family holidays can be thoroughly enjoyable for children and parents alike, but the journey is not without its difficulties, especially if you happen to be travelling with very young children. I know from personal experience that it can be quite daunting boarding a plane with a small child in tow - especially if that small child has skipped it's nap and is cranky, overtired and just not in the mood to be in a confined space.

To be honest, my boys are now six and almost three and the thought of going on a flight with them fills me with fear - the six year old slightly less, but albeit, still fearsome! However, they've both been on planes every summer and everything has actually gone okay (except for one time!), so I think us parents just psych ourselves out when it comes to flying with small children, when in reality it's honestly not that bad, especially if you prepare a bit beforehand.

From short haul flights to long haul trips to the other side of the world visiting relatives, here are my tips for flying with small children.

Book at the right time with the right airline
Some families are only able to travel during the school holidays or half term, but if you can avoid peak-time flights, you’ll be rewarded with more space, more attention and a better experience all round. Weekday flights tend to be less busy too, so look at travelling between Tuesday and Friday.

If you're wanting to travel long-haul with your family it's best to prepare ahead and try to find the cheapest flights possible. For example, if you're wanting to discover the delights of North America, you might want to search for cheap flights for Canada to find the best deals.

If you can afford it, it's also a good idea to book a row of seats. That way, if your child wants to nap on they flight they can lie down.
Speak to your fellow passengers
The sight of a screaming baby or unhappy toddler nearby can strike fear into the hearts of your fellow passengers. But if you actually speak to those around you and make light of the situation, they will probably be much more accommodating and accepting. Apologising in advance or handing out sweets when your child does kick the chair in front can go a long way.

Usually fellow passengers will be accommodating, after all, everyone has been a child, right? 

Get them excited about flying
When you think about it, flying at such incredible speed thousands of feet in the air is quite a cool thing and this is something that most kids will love the thought of!

Very young children might not fully understand what is going on, but if you can teach your little ones about the wonder of flying, they are more likely to feel at ease and comfortable. If you can book a window seat and sit there with your child, or if they're above two let them sit in the seat themselves, then they'll have the added joy and entertainment of looking out the window and seeing takeoff, landing and all the lovely fluffy clouds and sights in between.

Come up with some games and activities
Keeping children occupied is tough at the best of times, but on a crowded and confined flight this becomes an even bigger challenge. Use the plane to your advantage and come up with some fun activities and games that can be done sitting down.

Let your child pretend to be the pilot or get them to draw portraits of fellow passengers. Alternatively, load the tablet up with episodes of their favourite cartoons, some fun games and give them headphones to use so that they can hear them properly for full entertainment.

Don’t forget the essentials
From medical supplies including ear drops and sick bags for the changing altitude and turbulence to their favourite toy or book, don’t forget to include the essentials in your carry-on. Always take more than you may necessarily need and pack similar essentials in your checked luggage just in case items get lost in transit.
Don’t be put off by the thought of going on holiday and flying with young children. As long as you remember these tips and tricks, you are sure to have a great time away and all that travelling will soon be forgotten about.

Are you going on a holiday with your little ones this year? Are you nervous about the flight with a baby or toddler?


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