Friday, November 16, 2018

Ways To Make Your Home Cosy For Winter ♥

Winter is here and I'm going out of my way to make sure our home is as cosy as can be! I absolutely hate being cold and crippling cold is something I've been dealing with ever since I had my operation in October last year, so I'll do anything I can to combat that.

Winter is a time for getting snuggly buggly indoors, cosying up and relaxing in front of the fire and just embracing a sense of calm and slow days. Here are the ways I'm making our home cosy for winter.

Load up on the blankets
Winter means cold and that's something no one wants to be when they're inside. Once winter arrives I leave blankets down in the sitting room so that the kids and I can snuggle up when watching TV or reading our books.

I also leave extra blankets in our bedrooms because you can never have enough blankets! I may have a slight blanket obsession!

Bring the outside in
Although there may not be much colour on the landscape once winter arrives, that doesn't mean you can't add some greenery and nature elements to your home to give a sense of being cosy indoors, but still with a hint of winter.

You could opt for a real Christmas tree instead of a fake one if you're really wanting to bring the outdoors inside - the smell of fresh pine alone is enough to be tempted! Once the festive season arrives having holly and pine cones decorating your mantle is lovely too. Even having some wooden blocks stacked by the fire is enough to bring the outside in for a cosy space.

Up the temperature
Winter means cold and you definitely don't want your home to be cold and unwelcoming when those freezing days set in. If you have an open fire, having a roaring lighting fire is one of the loveliest things you can enjoy in the winter. Not only will it heat up the living room, it will make it a nicer and more welcoming space to chill and relax on those long winter nights.

One thing you should definitely know how to do before the cold days set in is how to bleed your radiators. This makes sure the rads are working properly and your heating system is heating up the whole house the way it should.

Add some mood lighting
Once the afternoon comes the natural light is already gone from the house, so having some mood lighting is not only a lovely thing to have for making a cosy space, it's also essential!

I've decorated our mantle with fairy lights and it looks lovely, so cosy and perfect for creating a warming and welcoming atmosphere on even the darkest of winter days.

Light up some candles
If winter isn't a time to be lighting candles then I don't know when is! I always stock up on the large jar Yankee Candles with the festive scents this time of year and I have a selection of festive votives ready to be burned too.

Not only are the scents lovely to have around the home but there's nothing more cosy than seeing a candle flickering in a dark room and feeling all snug.

How will you be making your home cosy for winter?

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