Saturday, November 24, 2018

Protecting Your Home With HomeSecure ♥

 *This post is in collaboration with HomeSecure, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

Do you feel secure in your home? I have to admit, once winter hints and the days become a lot darker, I tend to start feeling a bit uneasy, especially when I'm at home alone with the kids.

I won't answer the door once it gets dark now, unless I know that someone is coming and with Christmas coming up and having gifts, etc. in the house, it's a time when we all need to be more vigilant about who is watching or houses for the opportunity to snag themselves some Christmas loot!

It's no wonder I feel this way, with the robbery rate having increased over the year, with 2339 robberies accounted for in the 2nd quarter of 2018. Back in February my purse was stolen from my car as I was taking the kids in from the school run and ever since then I always make sure that I take everything in immediately and lock the doors once we're inside.

Believe me, having something stolen from you so brazenly makes you feel quite vulnerable and I was quite shook after my purse was stolen - I sadly never got it back either.

I've been left feeling like I need some peace of mind of our safety, not just for the kids but for myself and our belongings in our home too and this is where a service such as HomeSecure is invaluable.

Image courtesy of HomeSecure

HomeSecure is a wireless House Alarm System and is the most advanced on the Irish market. As the sensors are all wireless, and the alarm itself just needs a plug, it doesn't interfere with the interior decoration of your home and isn't noticeable. Installation is quick and tidy and takes around 90 minutes, which, if it's protecting your home, is no time at all. It works off of a GSM sim card and WIFI so no landline is needed - great as we don't have one. With the GSM sim and back up battery, the alarm will remain active for up to 18-24 hours even if the power is cut off - another great aspect at this time of year with the weather causing power outages.

The alarm has a simple to use display and fire, ambulance and garda buttons, which are very handy and quick to use in case of emergency. The sensors of the HomeSecure alarm are also pet friendly, which is great as the majority of families have pets to cater for too.

An alarm system such as this is fantastic for families and it's something that would give me real peace of mind knowing that our home was secure and thanks us and our belongings were safe.

HomeSecure currently have a promotional deal of €199 with the installation fee all included. For less than €2 a day you can protect your home and your family - the price per month is €39.95, which I think is very reasonable for an advanced alarm system such as this.

It's definitely something I would like to look into and think it would be a great safeguard to have within our home.

If you're interested in purchasing a HomeSecure alarm, reference 12.5% Family Saver Scheme to get the alarm itself for a one off payment of €99 and 12.5% off the monthly monitoring rate. This offer is available until December 25th.

Do you currently have an alarm system in your home? Would it be something you'd look into?



  1. We don't but I now feel like we need to!!

  2. We have an alarm system in our house, but it's ancient and I have to admit we don't use it. I also hate the look of all the sensors in the house - this sounds like a huge improvement in so many ways!

  3. I don't have a home security system but it's something I'd like to look into x

  4. Eek - so many robberies! I should look into getting alarms too, here in London. This looks like a good system.


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