Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Crate Creature Surprise Pudge | Review ♥

 *Tyler was sent this Crate Creature for the purposes of this feature, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

One of the most sought after toys this Christmas is the Crate Creature Surprise and luckily for Tyler, he was given one to feature here on the blog!

Crate Creatures are monstrous looking and sounding creatures that come padlocked inside their own crate.

Kids can crack their creature out of it's crate by using a crow bar to break the lock and once they lift the lid of the crate their Crate Creature will pop up! Tyler thought it was great fun breaking the Crate Creature out of it's crate. You simply pop the crow bar into the hole on the padlock and it pops the lock and crate open - simple!

Tyler was sent Pudge Crate Creature and with his multi-coloured fur, horns, long red tongue and light up eyes he's quite a sight to behold!

Pudge comes with a pizza slice - with a bite taken out of course and this suits Tyler well as he's also a pizza lover!

Although Crate Creatures by look a bit menacing, they're big softies really and make kids laugh a whole lot more than they could ever scare them by unleashing growling and funny noises (ones I know Tyler as a 5 year old boy definitely gets a giggle out of!) to make kids laugh and play along with the silliness.

One pull of Pudge's long tongue and he starts shaking, eyes glowing up and noises unleashed.

Each Crate Creature comes with over 45 monstrous noises, so there's lots to keep kids entertained and wanting to join in with the creature fun.

Crate Creatures have the added fun of voice recording. If you press your Crate Creature's tummy and speak they will record your voice and repeat it back to you - monster style of course! Tyler gets a great kick out of this!

The whole thing about the Crate Creature is to try and capture it to put it back in it's crate. Kids do this by luring them in with their favourite snack - pizza in Pudge's case. It's a lot of fun for Tyler and he loves his Crate Creature.

In my opinion, as a mother to two boys who love making silly sounds, pretending to be monsters and anything a bit crazy, it's a perfect toy for the 4+ age group, although, Beau has also gotten a laugh out of Pudge too and he's only 2.

There are three other Crate Creatures in the range to choose from too - Snort Hog who has a snotty nose, Blizz who is a snow monster and Sizzle who looks a bit like a red-beared viking (in my opinion anyway!). Pudge is definitely the most colourful looking creature of the bunch!

Crate Creatures are €36.99 and are available to buy from all good toy shops and Amazon.


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