Tuesday, October 02, 2018

5 Ways To Update Your Home Decor For Autumn ♥

Interior design trends change from season to season, so if you want to keep your home up to date then you need to think about how you are going to add some new features. I've put together some tips on how you can update your decor this autumn - a very cosy time of year indeed.

Floor Lamps
The evenings are starting to get a little darker, so you need to think about getting some nice floor lamps. Floor lamps can be great as they are something exciting to your room while coming with a function at the same time. You won’t need to worry about turning the overhead lights on during the evenings as you will have your brand new lights for the autumn in your living room and having a floor lamp makes for dimmer lighting, which, in my opinion is much more cosier and relaxing than having the 'big light on.

Fine Art
A new season is a perfect time to update the art that you have on your walls. You don’t need to have an autumnal themed piece, but you could try to something with a few orange and brown hues in the colour scheme. If you are looking for some fine art, you should make sure to check out Fine Art America who are the world's largest art site where you’ll find all sorts of pieces on offer. 

The bigger the better in autumn if you want your home to be as cosy as possible when the nights get colder. Think about choosing a throw that is going to match the colours of the cushions on your sofa and make sure that you know how to arrange them when they are not being used. Your throws are functional but are also part of your updated decor so don’t just have them in a cupboard.

A Wooden Coffee Table
It’s time to replace your current glass coffee table for a nice wooden one. For the best autumnal effect, you will want solid wood rather than laminate as this will add to the overall effect of the room. You can place whatever you want on the coffee table but don’t be afraid to add some autumn-themed accessories such as candles, pine cones and autumnal themed flower arrangements.

Stylish Radiators
With the cold weather setting in, having the heating on is a must and not only can a radiator be a functional thing within a home, there are also lots of stylish radiators on offer these days too. Gone are the days when a radiator was something to be hidden behind the couch, etc. they are now almost style statements within themselves and look great as well as giving off great heat - essential for the colder months!

Pine Cones
If you are looking for a nice accessory to have in your living room, then you should think about getting some nice bowls and placing pine cones in them. Adding a bit more of nature to your home will work well for this current season and you will feel at home when you do. Make sure to do your research on the best autumn accessories to go alongside your pine cones.

Updating your home for autumn is easy enough to do if you take some time to take these tips on board. You’ll find that adding some more wooden elements such as a coffee table and pairing these with some pine cones or outdoor materials will make your home more autumn friendly. Don’t forget to update your art and add some cosy throws to make your home decor ready for autumn and for relaxing indoors when it gets too cold outdoors.

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