Wednesday, July 25, 2018

My Favourite Colours & Dream Home Decor ♥

Do you have a favourite colour? I have so many that I'm drawn to but I think pinks and blues will forever be my favourite, especially if they're in pastel shades. I just find them so pretty and if I see anything in these colours I'm immediately drawn to them.

These colours can be seen throughout the decor in my home and honestly, if I didn't live in a rented property, my home would be decorated completely in shabby chic style with blues, pinks and mint greens seen everywhere.

I've been reading up on Colour Your Personality and how the colours you're most attracted to, or the ones you choose repeatedly, tell us something about our personality.

So in my case, my love of pink means I'm in touch with my feminine side. I'm apparently a warm, friendly and approachable person and I want for my home to feel the same way. A love of pink also means I have a warm and maternal side - I do love babies! I'm apparently the person everyone comes to when they have a problem and I always see the good in people but not necessarily myself - this is quite true as I'm too forgiving of others but so hard on myself. Being a pink lover means I can be reserved and shy and this is quite true in my case.

In regards to my love of blue, this means that I prefer peace and tranquility over hustle and bustle - this is so true. Being in a big city is my worst nightmare, whereas I love being in a quite part of the countryside and being at one with nature.

Blue means I hate discord and conflict and can never hold a grudge with anyone for too long - as I said, I'm far too forgiving! I'm a people pleaser and prefer a small group of friends over a large quantity - quality over quantity and all that!

So it seems that the colours I love and am most drawn to really do reflect my personality and I love that!

In my dream home the colour palette I'd choose would be soft pastels of pinks and blues. I think these colours are so pretty, especially the pale duck egg blues and baby pinks. Having soft furnishings, like bedding from the likes of Julian Charles and painted walls in these colours would be beautiful.

For decoration I'd have lots of fresh flowers and plants around the house. I buy fresh flowers every second week and love having them in my home, especially in my bedroom. I'd love to get some wooden photo frames, paint them in the pastel colours and hang them in a collage style on the wall. I have lots of beautiful old postcards which I'd like to display in them.

I wouldn't mind upcycling the dressing table or other furniture - I've shared some of my upcycles on the blog before and it's lovely to be able to create something new and pretty out of something old and worn.

I really do love this shabby chic style of decor and I don't think I could ever tire of it. The whites mixed with florals and pastel colours are just too beautiful to ever get bored of and this would be the decor of my dream house.

What are your favourite colours to decorate your home in?

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