Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tyler & Beau | Siblings {February 2018} ♥

Another month, another siblings post and as each month goes by, how much my boys have grown since they first laid eyes on each other almost twenty-one months ago, becomes more and more evident to me.

I think as I'm around the children every day, I don't notice how much they've grown. In my head Beau is still a baby and Tyler is still a little toddler, but in reality, Beau is a lot more grown up and able than I give him credit for and Tyler is just a few months short of starting primary school.

The saying - 'the days are long but the years are short' was never more appropriate.

This month Tyler has been asking me practically every day for another baby. He'd love a baby sister called 'Lily' he says and one evening he even told me he'd like five brothers and sisters - not going to happen buddy! It's nice that he asks though as I feel it means he enjoys being a big brother. He's such a sociable little thing though so I think he'd enjoy having a house full of playmates - not sure he realises that he's the oldest and any new additions won't actually be his age though!

Who knows, maybe one day we'll have another, or maybe we won't... right now I'm finding two very full on and the boys different ages and stages are a struggle at times. They both have very different needs and wants and as there's only one of me, trying to juggle my time between them has been tough.

I know I'll miss this time when they're both a bit older and at school all day though.

The boys have very different interests. Beau is the most stereotypical boy I could have ever have imagined. He loves cars or "a car" as he calls them, any sort of vehicles really... playing ball games, sitting in the wagon, hopping on the bikes, sitting in muddy puddles and splashing about. He also loves books and if he wanders off you know you'll find him with a book. He also loves sitting in boxes or baskets - who knew they could be such fun?!

Tyler on the other hand is very imaginative. He loves play pretend, playing with his character toys - Fireman Sam is his new obsession and he loves setting up Pontypandy and creating little scenarios with the characters. He also loves Sylvanian Families, setting up houses and playing. Our house is overrun with Sylvanian Families houses... He's very sociable, loves to be outdoors and always wants a friend to be around.

Beau's only friend is Tyler and he hasn't spent much time around other children his age. I brought him to the soft play this week though and the other kids didn't phase him at all - even when one was pulling his hair! I guess having a boisterous older brother has hardened him!

I love these pictures I captured of the boys sitting under a blooming flower bush and having a snack. I'm hoping warmer weather and more outdoor adventures are on the cards for us over the coming month.

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