Saturday, February 17, 2018

And Then You Were 5... ♥

My darling Tyler Lee, you are now five.

Five whole years you've been my baby, my companion on all our adventures and my best friend. You are all I could have ever hoped for in a son and more. You're so caring, sweet, lovable, unbelievably friendly, imaginative, creative and funny - all things I hope you continue to be throughout your life.

It doesn't seem too long ago that I held you for the first time, with your head full of straight, dark hair and your big, wide eyes... now your head is covered with a cascade of golden curls and I fear that soon you're going to be too big for my lap.

Soon it will be the beginning of our 'lasts' together... the last time I can pick you up and cuddle you in my arms, the last time you will want to sit on my lap and cuddle in, the last time you will want to hold my hand when we go out... and although thinking about the end of all those lovely things with you has made me cry, I know that they'll open way for a whole lot of firsts and things to look forward to too.

At five you want to be a fireman when you grow up, all because of your obsession with Fireman Sam of course. You say you like him because he's a hero and he helps people and I think that's such a lovely reason for you to want to be like him.

At five your best friend is Luke and you love the opportunity to play with him whenever you can. You love going to school and seeing all your friends there too and I love to see you play with them. You have tons of energy!

At five you ask me for a new baby sibling almost everyday, which I think is probably a good sign that you love being a big brother really - even if Beau can annoy you sometimes with ruining your playsets or the things you've built.

At five you know your own mind. You're not afraid of adults, you don't really care what they think about you and you know who you like and who you don't like. You won't let anyone cut your hair beyond a trim and you know what you want and when you want it.

At five you are the friendliest person I know. You will literally go up and speak to anyone. You say hi to people you don't know and try to make friends whenever you can. If you could you would have people around you all of the time. You absolutely hate to be alone and you love to chat and play with people. Visiting people is one of your favourite things in life and you still mention people we haven't even seen in months or years.

You are such a lovely person and I hope you never change. You have such a joy for life and take pleasure in all the simple things. You're not really bothered about anything materialistic and are just happy when you have someone to sit with, chat to or play with.

Never change my little angel man, you're just perfect as you are. So many exciting times and beginnings are ahead for you and I hope you enjoy them all.

I love you.

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