Sunday, December 10, 2017

Partying in a Winter Wonderland ♥

You are nearly ready to be the host of your first very own Christmas party and you cannot wait to see your friends turn up
at what will be one of the best events of the year. You have spent weeks thinking about it and you are so excited you can barely
contain your energy.

Worried something might go wrong in the night? After all, lack of preparation tends to increase our anxiety levels. To make
sure you remain calm in the days ahead of the night and everything goes according to plan, we have prepared a list of items 
you should pay attention to in order for the party to be spectacular!

The Food

The food is one of the most important aspects of the night, as knowing how to meet or get close to your guests’ expectations is
key to the success of the party. Are there any vegans or vegetarians amongst your invitees? Are there any guests who cannot eat
certain kinds of foods due to their religious believes or else? Make sure you get to know your friends’ eating habits before you
decide on what to cook on the night. Then have a look at the Sunny GBBO Recipes for some inspiration!

The Decoration

Have you ever been to a restaurant whose look you didn’t really like and which, as a result, ended up making you feel
uncomfortable? How you decorate your dining room is an important question to ask yourself if you want your guests to
feel at ease. Taste differs from person to person, that is true, but it is also a fact that certain colours alter our mood whilst 
others sooth our spirit. Here is a list of the colours you could choose for your Christmas decorations and the moods they evoke.

The Dress

The dress has been one of your priorities since you started planning the Christmas party. After all, you haven’t had many
chances to dress up this year and feel like buying an item of clothing that will make you feel both sexy and grown up.
There are many exciting dresses to choose from this year’s winter collection, but we thought 
this Christmas special number might just be what you have dreamt of all year!

The Music

The music is as important as the decoration, with both adding to the special evening. It is fortunate that we no longer
have to leave the table every time an album comes to an end as these days music is usually streamed online. True, aspects
of old music listening habits like album cover art has been lost but isn’t it wonderful that a computer can do the job of
tune-changing for us? Make a list of your favourite Christmas songs (these don’t necessarily have to be Christmassy)
on Spotify and wow your crowds.

Everything is ready for you to make your first impression as a host and you will do a great job, no doubt. If everything
else fails, make sure your guests at least remember you for 
your impeccable hospitality!

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