Thursday, April 22, 2021

7 Tips For Taking Care of Your Health As A Busy Parent

Busy parents all over the world know that it’s difficult taking care of kids while also trying to balance work and our own lives. We often sacrifice our own health for the sake of our children, which is noble but can ultimately lead to burnout that will be dangerous for both your physical and mental health.

Busy parents and carers need to give themselves a chance to breathe and if you swamp yourself with difficult, tiresome and stressful tasks, then you’re easily going to throw in the towel and give up. To prevent this from happening, I'm sharing some tips on how you can beat back the stress of having kids while still taking care of your health.

Taking care of the kids can be tiresome, but it’s important to remain strong and focused.

Remember to Eat
Proper food, not junk from a takeaway or vending machine snacks. It’s incredibly important that you focus on eating a hearty and healthy meal whenever you get the chance to. To make this easy, considering preparing food when you have time off so that cooking becomes a little less stressful and more convenient for you.

Go for regular check ups

As a busy parent, your own health needs can fall behind ahead of your children's GP visits and healthcare needs. Make sure to prioritise your own healthcare too. If you have problems with your ears, booking an appointment to get them checked is a priority. Don't ignore or put off your smear test appointment letters. If you're feeling genuinely unwell, don't hold off going to see your GP just because the kids need you. You need to look after yourself too to be able to look after them.

Give Yourself Time
Remember to add breaks in your schedule so that you have some time off. They don’t need to be long and you don’t have to take a 2-week holiday just to soothe your mind, but it does help to give yourself some relaxation time in between stressful periods of the day.

Learn to Use Technology
Whether it’s seeing a doctor at home with GPs powered by Babylon on your phone or keeping in touch with your family with social media, learn to use technology so that it empowers your life instead of complicating it. From meal recipe ideas to motivational support on message boards, the internet can be a great way to help you stay focused as a busy parent.

Don’t Complicate Your Routine
Do you get your makeup done every morning before you head out to work? If you do, then make sure you simplify the routine so you don’t spend too much time or effort on it. It’s understandable that you want to look good for your own confidence, but you can’t spend too long complicating your morning routine.

Unplug Yourself
Turn off the TV, shut off your mobile phone and go read a book or relax in the garden. Unplug yourself from technology now and then so you can relax and escape all of the hustle and bustle of the digital world. This will help you relax, it will ease your stress and there will be fewer worries on your mind.

Don’t Neglect Sleep
And of course, don’t neglect to sleep. While you might find it fantastic that you can get 5 hours of sleep which means an extra 2 hours to spend doing house chores, your body is going to eventually hate you for it. Get plenty of sleep to ensure that your body and mind can keep up with the demand you put on it.


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  1. These are some really good points! I think as parents, it's easy to let things slip when you're too busy looking after other people.
    I'm guilty of not sleeping and eating enough, that's for sure!
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Jemma x


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