Monday, September 25, 2017

My Weight Loss Journey Week #3 | Losing Pounds & Inches ♥

What a week it's been... I'm almost a month into this new weight loss journey of mine - I say 'new' as I've been on this wagon before, but I feel like this time I'm fully committed, even though sometimes it can be hard to resist all the yummy things.

The past few days I've been craving sugar like you wouldn't believe, but I've managed to stay away from the chocolate and sweet things, restricting myself to only two of the delicious and pretty cupcakes Tyler and I made last week.

Along with the pesky sugar cravings I've also been craving savoury. I miss sauces, I miss hearty meals filled with lots of carbohydrates and I'm feeling as though a strictly high-protein diet may not be for me on a full-time basis, even though I've not only had to make these changes for weight loss purposes, but to help keep my gallbladder problems at bay too.

I still have my protein shake every morning (I have the MaxiNutrition Lean Protein and I'll be on it for another few weeks as I picked up two tubs of it due to it having €11 off in Boots), between one and two tins of plain tuna daily too and I eat lots of chicken and vegetables. If I'm really craving something sweet I have one of the corner-style yogurts from Aldi - I love the banana flavoured one with the chocolate flakes. I'm not trying to restrict myself too fully, but I'm also trying to retrain myself to not want any of the junk anymore. Yes, it's nice for a treat, but my body doesn't need it and honestly, I'm the type of person who can't just stop at a few squares of chocolate (who actually is able to stop at a few squares by the way, because I've never met anyone who could!).

I went on four walks this past week - I even went out in the lashing rain, although I don't know how I'm going to keep doing that because Beau hates being under the rain cover. I'm going to get my five walks in this week though, I'm adamant about that. In just three short weeks my fitness level on my Fitbit has gone from poor to average and my resting heart rate has come down a lot. I'm delighted by this because not only do I want to lose weight, but I want to be healthy too.

I needed something to spur me on this week and when I wore my unicorn print dress at the weekend I remembered when I last wore it, at Britmums 2015. So I looked up a snap of myself to see how much I had changed and dear God, I was an absolute mess - not just my weight but my hair, eyebrows... what was I thinking?! I then snapped a selfie to see the difference side by side and I'm much preferring what I look like now and not only do I like the person looking back at me in the mirror a lot more, I'm also a lot happier too and I think that's the most important thing.

So how have I done this week?

I've lost another 2lbs, bringing my total weight loss since August 30th to 10lbs! I'm coming for that stone loss and really can't wait to get there!

I've also lost 8.5cm/3.3in this week too, which is great as sometimes I feel like the inches are a lot more important than what I'm seeing on the scales.

Neck: Same
Chest: Same
Bust: Same
Waist: -3
Hips: Same
Right Arm: -.5
Left Arm: +1
Right Leg: -3
Left Leg: -3

I have one week left of my Burn Bullet supplements and I'll be reviewing them once my month is up. I'm debating whether to purchase them again or to try another supplement - I think I'll make up my mind when I see the full month progress picture, which I probably won't be sharing online, I'm still not that brave!

I'm determined to lose that stone sooner rather than later so wish me luck!

If you'd like to follow along with my weight loss journey you can read about week #1 here and week #2 here


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