Monday, March 06, 2017

VQ Retro Mk II Emma Bridgewater DAB+ Radio ♥

For years now I've not had a radio, either at home or in my car (blame a flat battery for putting the radio in a safe mode that no one can unlock, ugh!) and honestly, it's been something I've missed.

I've missed listening to the local news and weather updates, having someone choose a playlist for me to listen to, rather than trying to curate one myself via YouTube and I've missed the simplicity of just having a radio to listen to in the background whilst I'm cooking and cleaning.

When the opportunity to review a VQ Retro Mk II DAB+ radio came about I was delighted, not only because VQ's radios are beautiful to look at, but also because I'd be able to have the pleasure of listening to the radio again, yay!

The VQ Retro Mk II DAB+ radio is an absolutely beautiful vintage inspired radio, that's not only functional but a pretty design piece to have in the home too. It allows you to listen to DAB, DAB+ and FM radio, myself favouring the latter, letting you save your favourite stations and easily scanning for others.

Another great aspect to the VQ Retro Mk II is that you can also listen to music through music streaming services simply by connecting via Bluetooth - all wireless of course, the joy of modern technology.

Also, if you have an Apple device such as a iPhone or an iPod, you can connect your device to the lightning dock on the front of the radio - which is released simply by pushing on the button. This lightning dock can also be used by non-Apple users (such as myself) by using the 3.5mm aux-in and you can also charge your device with the charging port - how cool is that?!

As I said, the radio is very pretty to look at, added to by the beautiful Emma Bridgewater pattern on the outside - the rose print being the one I chose, not surprising given my love of all things floral! There are five other Emma Bridgewater patterns available, as well as a range of plain colours too.

The radio itself is very easy to use, although I've found that here in Ireland, having it as close to your window as possible is the way to go, otherwise the sound can come across crackly. In fact, I had mine on a stand next to my bed, right next to the window, but I actually had to place the radio on the windowsill to get a completely clear sound.

We've all enjoyed listening to the radio again and Tyler especially, asks for it to be on when he's playing in my bedroom. I love to have it on when I'm getting ready and it honestly is a joy to have in my bedroom, not just because it's lovely to listen to the radio again, but because it's such a beautiful feature to have sitting on my windowsill too.

The VQ Retro Mk II DAB+ radio is £119.99 in plain colour and £129.99 in Emma Bridgewater patterns and is available to purchase via the VQ website.

*We were sent the VQ Retro Mk II DAB+ radio for the purposes of this review, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.



  1. I am also a HUGE Emma Brdgewater fan and own lots of her Polka Dot and Wallflower ranges. I have my eye on the Wallflower DAB Radio!

  2. Fantastic! I love it and I, too, am an Emma Bridgewater fan. Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm positive I commented on this post when I first saw it! I think this is a gorgeous looking radio, I'm not sure if the radio would work where I am either, I usually listen to the radio through my sky channels as the reception is so bad (although not sure how dab radios work 😳!)


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