Sunday, February 26, 2017

Shabby Chic Bedroom Inspiration ♥

I've made no secret of my love for all things shabby chic, if you've followed my blog for quite a while now you'll know that it's been a constant theme in my posts and pictures. Honestly, the shabby chic look is the one home decor style which I am absolutely in love with and if I could decorate every room in my house in this style I would. 

One room which I have already decorated somewhat in this style, is my bedroom. However, I would love to build on it and make the 'perfect' shabby chic space. A gorgeous girly space, ideal for relaxing in and drawing inspiration from too.

For me, the most important element in any bedroom is the bed. Metal bed frames are perfect for the shabby chic style, I had one all through my childhood and teenage years with a canopy overhanging the headboard and it was just perfect. They're also perfect for stringing fairy lights around.

Floral bedding such as the gorgeous prints available from Cath Kidston and lots of mis-matched scatter cushions and throws, are ideal for creating a shabby chic inspired look in the bedroom. I have lots of floral and Parisian themed cushions and a beautiful big floral and patchwork throw which I use to dress my bed.

Windows can be a great feature in a shabby chic inspired bedroom, with curtains, tulle, lace nettings, etc. all being perfect for framing windows and tying them into the shabby chic feel of the bedroom. However, if you don't have a traditional window in your bedroom and instead have ones such a Solstro Roofwindows, you can still find the perfect blinds to match your shabby chic decor.

Perfect colour palettes for shabby chic inspired bedrooms are soft pastels and fresh clean whites and ivories. Duck egg blues, pale mints and pastel pinks are my favourite colours for decorating bedrooms in a shabby chic style.

For decoration, lots of sweet weathered pictures and plaques, white photo frames and shelves with little trinkets on display, make for great pieces in a shabby chic bedroom. Anything floral is also perfect, whether it be real or fake flowers themselves or anything adorned with floral print. I buy fresh flowers every second week and love having them in my home, especially in my bedroom.

Distressed or upcycled furniture is another great element to have in a shabby chic inspired bedroom. You can pick up some great furniture pieces quite cheaply from charity shops and car boot sales, which can be transformed and made into something beautiful by just giving them a lick of paint. I've done this before with some old chairs that I upcycled in a shabby chic style.

I really do love this style of decor in the bedroom and it's my mission to create a pretty, calming shabby chic space for me to relax and sleep in. I love the florals, vintage and romantic style of it all.

Are you a fan of the shabby chic style?



  1. Ooh I love shabby chic and this is all gorgeous! I love the floral wallpaper, I need to convince my husband to let me decorate our room like this. His taste is very different, booooo!!

  2. I love Cath Kidston. I'm a fan yes but no room is done out like that here. Are you going to change your room?

  3. Some gorgeous ideas here. I think hubby may not approve of a floral bedroom though, may have to sneak some touches in!

  4. I love shabby chic and how others decorate it, I am quite bad at it so I just stare at it from afar lol


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