Sunday, February 26, 2017

How To Choose Flattering Plus-Sized Swimwear To Suit Your Shape ♥

Dressing for your shape takes some patience but when most people say they are limited when it comes to dressing for their specific body type, that’s simply just not true. Identifying and understanding your body’s specific shape is about knowing what works for the largest and smallest parts of your body — accentuating your strengths, and minimizing attention drawn to problem areas. Think of shape identification as the single best guideline.

Swimsuit shopping can be a particular challenge, but you might be surprised to learn that thanks to new trends in the fashion world, previously avoided styles are now available to women of all sizes, especially when you buy your swimwear online.

High-Waisted Bikinis
When you want plenty of coverage but still want to show off a bit of skin while lounging poolside, high-waisted bikinis are the perfect option that will make it easy to avoid wearing a one-piece. The style is retro and have been seen on body positive models like Ashley Graham.

Tankinis are the perfect option for plus-size women who want to hide part of their tummy and cover up while still wearing a feminine frock, according to the fashion experts at realsimple. Tankinis are flirty and fun with a relaxed fit that doesn't contour to the body.

When you want to draw more attention to your bust without showing off your thighs, skirtinis are perfect for those who want a stylish look that mimics a mini skirt. You'll wear a trendy swimsuit that will stay in place while swimming at the beach and can enjoy having plenty of coverage that allows you to feel confident while wearing the garments. It even includes a built-in brief, which will allow you to avoid showing off more than you feel comfortable with.

Faux-Wrapped One-Suits
One-suits have officially made a comeback and have been seen on body positive models like Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday. One-suits offer the most amount of coverage and are easy to wear for those who don't want to worry about their suit falling off while in the water. Even Oprah Winfrey is singing their praises, and she insists that you can choose a playful pattern or print with the suit, which will camouflage any trouble spots and will allow you to feel slimmer with your figure. Visit an online retailer like swimsuitsforall to find the latest fashions, and cash in on some major winter sales.

Side-Tie Briefs
Sie-tie briefs can dress up your thighs when you want a cute detail. You can pair the briefs with a halter top to enjoy plenty of coverage while still looking appropriate while on a tropical vacation during the winter season.

With the recent trends and styles that have emerged in the fashion industry for plus-size women, it's easy to have more options and look fashionable. There are now thousands of different options that are available online for those who want to have more of a selection. When you're looking to rock a flattering look that is popular in the fashion industry, there are a few swimsuit styles to consider.

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