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Ideas For Creating A Relaxing & Pretty Bedroom ♥

A lot of people see their bedroom as being the most important room in their home. After all, it's a place of sanctuary, a relaxing space and a private one too, as it's not a room that many visitors get to see.

With the bedroom being such a private space, it's the perfect room for giving a personal touch to and decorating however you may wish. I have to say, my bedroom is probably the one room in my home which is most definitely 'me'. It's my happy place, my place to just sit back and relax in and escape from the chaos of the rest of the house that has been overtaken by my children and their plethora of toys!

My bed is my sanctuary and honestly, I wish I could spend a lot more time in it as it's the most comfiest place I could possibly be, and for me, it's the most perfect place to retreat to after a long, hard day of parenting the kids and snuggling up under the covers and reading a book or blogs and having a pre-sleep scroll through my social media, is one of my ultimate favourite things to do. I also love to sit on my bed and listen to my beautiful VQ Retro MK II radio - I absolutely love the Emma Bridgewater floral print on it.

My bedroom is a place I'm constantly looking to improve and searching for beautiful bedding sets online and other little pretty touches is another thing I love to do - and to think, I used to think my mother was crazy for constantly redecorating her room and buying new bedding, I've morphed into her!

Create a calming atmosphere
I've created a calming atmosphere in my bedroom by using fairy lights and candles to give a warm glow to the room after it gets dark. Fairy lights are super cheap these days and most are LED meaning you can leave them on and not worry about wasting electricity. I love my rose style fairy lights and I always have a lavender Yankee Candle burning before bedtime to give the room a calming scent.

Pay attention to the soft furnishings
I have a plethora of cushions on my bed, as, not only are they pretty to have displayed on the bed and handing for sitting up with when I'm having a few minutes to myself during the day, but they're also a real style statement too. All of my cushions are miss-matched but each as pretty as the other and I love seeing them on the bed.

Having a nice duvet cover is always a must for me too and I like to switch it up between plain white with lace trimmings and floral print for a change of look and mood in the room from time to time. Having decorative lampshades and canopies are other great things to add to a room. My room back in my parents house had a tulle canopy over the bedhead and it was the most beautiful touch to the room, I loved sleeping under it. A chunky knitted throw or patchwork quilt are other great soft furnishing for displaying on your bed and using for those cold, wintry nights to keep warm too.

Have personal effects on display
Your bedroom is your personal space, so having things that mean a lot to you on display is just perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere. I have pictures of my family on display in white frames on my windowsills, dresses I love hanging on the back of my door and my favourite jewellery pieces displayed on trinkets on my dresser.

Invite nature into your room
One of my favourite things to have on display in my home is fresh flowers and I especially love to have them sitting on my dresser. They just really help to brighten up the place and the prettier the flower, the better - peonies and roses with gypsophila are my personal favourites for the bedroom. If flowers aren't your thing, then succulents, cacti and other potted plants are a great thing to have displayed on windowsills or bedside tables. You could also add nature to your bedroom by displaying some outdoor prints or pictures on your walls.

As you can see, my bedroom is very floral and shabby chic inspired, but it suits my taste and personality and ultimately, that's what you want in a bedroom. It's my perfect space to relax in and I love all the pretty pieces I have in there.

I'd love to know how you've decorated your own bedroom?

*This is a collaborative post.



  1. I honestly think fairy lights are such an essential and really change the vibe of a bedroom! I've recently put some up in my uni room and I feel so much more at peace that I did before! I've posted a photo on my Instagram @katherinerosie_ if you wanted to see! Love your photography xx

  2. Your bedroom is so pretty! I also like for my bedroom to be serene, calming and relaxing. My bedding has to be soft and my mattress very comfortable. I spent a lot of time getting my bedroom and more importantly, my bed, just the way I like it.

  3. Love those soft lights, all the floral boxes, picture frame are so pretty. Even the radio looks great. I love a bunch of pretty pillows on the bed.

  4. That looks so calming! I love all of the little details you added to your room to make it peaceful and serene.

  5. Those flower shaped lights are to die for. I also make sure my bedroom is relaxing and calming. No TV, NO laptop and all white furniture. I love your bedroom decor too <3

  6. I love the way you styled your bedroom! Everything is so calming yet styled at the same time!

  7. I love how this bedroom looks. I would need to get rid of all the extra clutter in our room first!

  8. Wow! All the floral looks so nice together! This room is so lovely and feminine!

  9. I spend a lot of time in my room, sometimes I just like to work from my bed (because I can). These are some great tips for making a space more relaxing.

  10. I feel the same way about my bedroom! It is where I can escape and have a few moments of private time. I am all about the details and like to have my room a certain way also.

  11. What an adorable room! I am loving all of the decor in your bedroom, it's so girly and cute. Fairy lights are a must in any bedroom.

  12. What a chic setting, I love that. Now if someone like you could decorate my bedroom, it would be great!

  13. Your bedroom is really pretty. I would love to get a particular feeling when I enter my bedroom. As of right now the decor doesn't reflect the feeling I want.

  14. Your bedroom screams shabby chic! I love how relaxing and inviting it is. I also adore the soft dainty colors as well as the lovely fairy lights! Now, if only I can decorate our bedroom this way. The little man will probably disapprove of the flowers! :)


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