Wednesday, December 07, 2016

4 Tips To Get Children To Want To Brush Their Teeth ♥

Thankfully Tyler loves brushing his teeth and is insistent about doing it both in the morning and at night before he goes to bed. He always says - "mummy, I must go brush my teeth before bed" and in he goes to the bathroom, always happy to pick out a toothpaste (he has four different ones for a bit of variety) and brush away.

I know I'm very lucky that he's willing to brush his teeth and even though he only has his milk teeth at the moment and they'll fall out one day, I think instilling a sense of good oral hygiene into him is a good thing to encourage.

I thought I'd share today, 5 tips which have helped Tyler to embrace and actually enjoy brushing his teeth. Hopefully these tips will be just as helpful to other parents and their little ones.

1. Get them a good toothbrush that they'll enjoy using daily
Ever since Tyler had his first toothbrush, we've always let him pick which one he wants - whether it be from a variety of cartoon characters or colours, letting him choose his own toothbrush was the start of him enjoying brushing his teeth.

He's gone through a lot of toothbrushes in his time - when he started out with tooth brushing he was prone to biting the bristles, and he's currently using his first electric toothbrush - the Oral-B Stages Vitality Kids Electric Toothbrush in Star Wars design.

He genuinely enjoys using this toothbrush, the fact that it's electronic is such a novelty to him and he really likes the Star Wars design. The bristles are extra soft and the head is smaller to fit a child's mouth properly. The handle is ergonomic and has a cushioned non-slip grip so it won't be dropped during use.

The toothbrush also comes with the free Disney Magic Timer app to help kids brush for longer.

The Oral-B Stages Vitality Kids Electric Toothbrush in Star Wars design was €50 but it currently on offer for €25 in Boots.

2. Give them a variety of toothpastes to choose from
Honestly, this is such a simple thing but kids love having a choice when it comes to something they have to use everyday. As I said, Tyler currently has four different toothpastes to choose from, his favourite at the moment being the Oral-B Pro-Expert Stages toothpaste in fruit burst flavour. I think he loves this one so much as it has Anna and Elsa from Frozen on the front. The Oral-B Pro-Expert Stages toothpaste with Frozen design is €4.99.

3. Brush with them
I always let Tyler brush his teeth alongside me. This way he got to see how to correctly brush his teeth and it encouraged him to imitate me. Watching me also taught him how to spit whilst brushing and to wash his hands and mouth afterwards too.

4. Show them cartoon episodes that are about tooth brushing or dentist visits
Tyler loves Peppa Pig and the moment he saw the episode about Peppa and George going to the dentist he was instantly interested in all things to do with teeth. I'm sure there are a lot more cartoons and kids programmes that have episodes about the characters brushing their teeth, so if your child is fond of a particular character, why not look it up? Anything to encourage kids to brush and keep brushing their teeth!


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  1. I need to try this out because it can be a challenge brushing Matthew's teeth every night. He does have an electric one but he doesn't like it too much. Watching a video would definitely work I'd say.


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