Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ways To Save On Your Christmas Shopping ♥

It's November next week (eek!) and for many people, myself included, this marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping period. I bought some bits throughout the year, usually when they were on sale with large discounts, but I do the bulk of my shopping during the beginning of November to the first two weeks in December and I'm always looking to find the best deals and save money when I shop.

You can see some of the things that I've already gotten for Beau's 1st Christmas here.

I'm one of those people who will go from shop to shop to try and find the best bargain. I don't want to pay more for something which I could have gotten down the road for a whole lot cheaper and when I shop online I do the same too.

So with Christmas shopping on the forefront of my mind, I thought I'd share some ways to save on your Christmas shopping, all things which I do myself and which really are great for saving money.

1. Use an online deal finder website
Using an online deal finder website can help you to find the best price for the product you're looking for without spending hours trawling through websites or shops yourself.

I love finding things when they're on sale, I mean, who would want to spend more when they have to?

2. Use reward card points to pay for presents
Lots of stores offer rewards cards with point systems these days and depending on how often you shop in these places, those points can really build up. All year round I save up my Boots and Debenhams points - both places I shop in on a regular basis and I then use those points to purchase Christmas gifts with. This is a great way of saving some money whilst Christmas shopping.

3. Take advantage of 3 for 2 offers/multiple purchase offers
Throughout the year lots of stores, including toy stores, will have 3 for 2 offers available - meaning that if you buy two items the cheapest is usually free. This is a great way of stocking up on the kids Christmas presents and getting some things you actually wanted in the first place for nothing. Keep an eye on toy store websites and social media to see when these offers are available, as some are more advertised than others and you may be missing out on a great deal.

Multiple purchase offers are available in all supermarkets in the weeks before Christmas and are a great way of stocking up on all the Christmas goodies and foods that you and yours enjoy, without breaking the bank.

4. Use voucher codes
Voucher codes are a great way of saving money when online shopping. Before I buy anything online I search around to see if there's a voucher code available. Using these when shopping for Christmas presents is a great way of saving some pounds.

5. Remember that the kids don't care where a gift comes from
Some people refuse to buy anything unless it comes straight from a store, however, children aren't really fussed about where there gift comes from, so long as they enjoy it. Over the years I've picked up some great books for my sons Christmas book advent calendar in charity shops for under €1 each - much less than what they were going for in book shops and they were in great condition too.

I've also found some gorgeous wooden toys at car boot sales and some lovely things for sale on local selling groups on Facebook, all for a great price. Remember that just because a gift is second hand doesn't mean that the kids will love it any less.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?



  1. Great post! I am all about cost saving on Christmas gifts! I have already started my shopping taking advantage of the end of summer sales! xx

  2. Love this post! So many great tips and suggestions :D thank you for sharing! :)



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